Two Years and Counting

38 weeks
November 2, 2009, 1:27 pm
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Just a quick update to say no baby yet. I’ve officially entered the pretty miserable stage. And I feel sort of guilty saying that because my belly doesn’t look that big, so when people ask how I”m feeling and I say something to the effect of “Oh I’m making it,” I feel like they’re having to restrain themselves from rolling their eyes. But it’s what you can’t see! This baby dropped down low into my pelvis several weeks ago, and I think she’s dropped down even lower a couple times since then. Right now, if I’m up and active (cleaning house, grocery shopping, etc) for too long, I have to take to the couch for a while and lay down to take the pressure off my hips. The pressure is just pretty painful and I’ve started to have a pretty constant stomach ache along with abdominal cramps, which the nurse says is due to the baby putting on fat at this point which makes the uterus heavier, therefore more painful. She’s also directly on my bladder so having any urine at all in there feels like I have a gallon. Sleeping is a joke–I used to relish climbing into bed and snuggling down into the covers, knowing I had a good 8 hours of rest ahead of me. Now I sort of dread it because i know I’ll be up every two hours to pee (much like having a baby, I know!) and change positions. My back is hurting constantly–I even got up last night and tried sleeping on the couch because I’d have the back of the couch to support my back, but it didn’t help. Oh, and I have contractions all the time too, but that’s become fairly normal for me. I won’t even know what to do with myself after I have the baby and can move freely without any movement causing a contraction!

Now that I’ve vented all that–I can hardly complain because at this point in the pregnancy, all these things are completely normal and happening as they should. And I only have two weeks max left so I can put up with it! I don’t really complain much about it because, like I said, I almost feel like people are thinking “What the heck, she’s not big enough to be miserable,” but just because a belly is smaller than you’d expect doesn’t mean carrying that around isn’t painful! Just a word to the wise…

We’re so ready for Kate to get here. I have another appt on Wednesday and I’m hoping Dr G will discuss more in detail what my experience may potentially look like. I never thought I’d want to induce, but due to the heparin I have to take, knowing when labor would start would drastically reduce anxiety on my part. It’s tough taking these shots twice a day, every time hoping I’m not about to go into labor. (From what I understand, the heparin has to be out of your system before you can have an epidural, so I always worry that I’ll do the injection, then my water will break, and I’ll have to wait 12 hours before getting an epidural! Not my idea of fun.) So we’ll see what she says on Wed. I also hope I’m more dilated then. The doctor I saw last week didn’t check my cervix, so I don’t know if there’s been any change.

My family is on stand by, the car seat is in the car, the kitchen is stocked with canned soup, frozen chicken, and paper towels, the nursery is ready, I’ve had my hair cut, I need a pedicure, but these days, spending $25 on my toes seems unnecessary when there are so many other expenses…my bag is packed, the diapers are in the top drawer of the changing table, the baby clothes are washed….all we need is the baby!


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Yea for 38 weeks! Hang in there. She’s almost here! How exciting! Much love and prayers!!!

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