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Ultrasound and prenatals
March 19, 2009, 9:08 am
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We had our first ultrasound this morning and saw the heartbeat! It was a tiny little flicker, but it was strong. She said the baby is about the size of the head of a pin. It’s hard to believe we can see its heart beating this early. The nurse said it was exactly where they want it to be in my uterus and that the yolk sac looked great and the heartbeat was strong. This is such a relief. After feeling pretty blah the last few days, I just wanted to know everything was still ok!

I’ve been thinking a lot about prenatals the last few days. All they’ve said about it at the clinic over the last several months is, “Make sure you’re taking your prenatal.” No specific brand or anything. I’ve switched around here and there, and finally a few months ago settled on taking the Publix brand of prenatals, and I added in an extra folic acid supplement. I decided on the Publix brand because I read online that you need to make sure your vitamin says “USP” on it, which means it meets the United States Pharmacopeia standards for purity, consistancy, etc. Basically, it’ll guarantee that your vitamin contains what it says it contains. The publix prenatal has 800 mcg of folic acid and it has the USP marking. I had been taking a regular One-A-Day multivitamin before I started the prenatals, and I noticed that the One-A-Day didn’t have the USP marking on it while the Publix one did. I was fine with those, but the last couple of days, I’ve had two different friends tell me how their prenatal made them nauseated or constipated, and my publix one doesn’t do either. Now that could be a good thing, but it also made me wonder if maybe mine weren’t as good or as potent as theirs. And of course I got nervous.

Anyway, today I asked the nurse if I need to be taking a specific prenatal, and she said I need to be on a prescription one and that she could give me some samples to see which one I liked. The one she gave me (Prenexa) has 1 mg of folic acid (a good bit more than I’ve been taking) and DHA. And a stool softener in case it causes problems! This is good, but now of course I’m wondering if I was really getting enough folic acid in these first 5 weeks. I know the very first few weeks are when crucial things happen that can cause or prevent defects, so I sure hope I’ve gotten what I need. It kind of makes me wish they had told me earlier that I need to be taking the full 1 mg of folic acid and the other stuff this prescription vitamin has. I’ve been pregnant for almost 6 weeks (according to them) and I’ll just now be starting to take the full amount of folic acid. There’s nothing I can do about it now, except hope this does the trick.

I’m headed out of town today to visit my family and show off the ultrasound photos! Hope you all have a good weekend.

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YAY for the HB!!! I’m sure you feel better being able to see that…what a miracle! I would say you are completely a-okay on the folic acid front. You probably get some in your diet too; alot of grains and cereals are fortified. A lot of people don’t take prenatals until they are already P, so you’re way ahead of the game! Also, I never got sick from my prenatal.

Any preggo dreams about the sex of the baby??? Keep us posted on the excitement! 🙂

Comment by T.

I’m just starting to catch up on blogs after our vacation, so I only now saw your good news. Congratulations! (And I really wouldn’t worry about the prenatal vitamins.)

Comment by andrea_jennine

So glad to hear about your ultrasound – it sounds like such a wonderful experience. I just can’t even imagine!!

I’ll be following along to see how things are going. It’s so amazing to think that we’re actually pregnant!! 🙂

Comment by leslie laine

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