Two Years and Counting

6 weeks, but it hasn’t really been 6 weeks!
March 16, 2009, 1:41 pm
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Thanks for all your good wishes! It still feels very surreal and strange. It’s like everything has changed, but at the same time nothing has really changed. I’m still going about my normal routines as normal, but when I stop to think about it, it’s like–wait, you mean I’m actually having a baby?!

Just a quick update. I’ve been feeling strange twinges in my stomach now and then, and have been really achy and feverish the last couple of nights, although my temperature was only 99. I also have a painful ache way down low to the right of my tailbone. I asked Janet about all of this today. She said my progesterone levels are “astronomical” which may account for the achiness, and my estrogen levels indicate probably cysts on my ovaries, which she says is fine and that they’re due to your ovaries producing extra estrogen, but that might explain the odd twinges and cramps here and there–even way up high, under my rib cage. I told her I feel like I’m having pains and symptoms that are more common much later in pregnancy, not this early at 3 weeks. That’s when she told me I’m actually at 6 weeks! The way they calculate weeks and due dates never makes much sense to me, since they go by your last period…even though no one is pregnant those first couple of weeks (prior to ovulation) and those of us who’ve done IVF know fairly exactly when we got pregnant… or at least within a couple of days. But even still, they go by that LMP, so according to that I’m 6 weeks. They’re going to check my progesterone again on Thursday when we go in for the ultrasound and if we hear a heartbeat, I may be able to go off the PIO injections, praise the Lord. I’m ready to stop those!

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CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN!! I’m so so so so excited for you!! This is great news. YeaH!!

I had a lot of cramping/twinges initially and was told it was the babe settling in. Unless it’s accompanied by bright red bleeding, not to worry… so I’m hoping your little one is settling very snug.

With the IVF you know your exact due date… because of the fertilization so don’t let the OB try to sway you. They were so confused when I told them when my period was, but once I explained that it was an FET, all was well.

YEAH!! Praise God for answered prayers.


Comment by Nity

Congratulations 🙂

Comment by Alyssa

yay!!! i know, isn’t it weird how they calculate it that way? hope you get to stop the shots soon! we just got back from the beach and i was thinking of you…can’t wait for the kiddos to play in the sand together…maybe next SB!

Comment by T.

I personally love the 2 week “headstart”! 🙂 It makes me feel a little further along. Ha ha.

Comment by leslie laine

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