Two Years and Counting

March 13, 2009, 11:46 am
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So, wow. After an unbelievably hard weekend, especially Sunday, we heard the news that neither of us expected. I still can’t really believe it when I think about it. My first beta was 89.6 with estrogen around 1000 and progesterone over 410 (410 is the highest they measure and I was above that.) But, I didn’t find out the numbers until around 3pm on Monday. All the message said on Sunday was Congratulations, the test was positive, call us on Monday. (I had the test Friday, but they knew I wasn’t listening to the message until Sunday.)

The nurse finally called me back Monday afternoon to give me the details. Also, she called in a prescription for Lovenox, which I started Monday, and it’ll be a daily injection until they tell me to stop–could be a majority of the pregnancy, or we may be able to stop early. (That’s for an elevated level of anti cardio lipin, which can indicate a blood clotting issue, although I’m at the low end of positive. If you want more info on that, ask me.)

I’m still on the PIO shots, but am hopeful that those won’t last too much longer, especially since my prog. levels are way higher than they’d be with the PIO shots alone, which means my body is producing it on its own, which is nice to hear. I had the second beta yesterday and it was 1,018, and my estrogen shot up to around 2600. She said that’s great, and that my ovaries are probably still enlarged since they’re producing so much, even though I don’t feel the bloating and tenderness that I did last week. So, I still need to be somewhat careful with my activity. I felt much better after the second beta, knowing it had grown the appropriate amount. All we had to go on before was the initial beta number and didn’t know what (if anything) was happening during the week.

It’s all pretty surreal, actually. We go back next week for our first ultrasound, and she said there’s a chance we could hear a heartbeat, but not to freak out if we can’t hear it because it’s still really early. If there’s anything good about having to go to a fertility clinic and go through all this, it’s that you get very early ultrasounds and basically get to do things and hear things way earlier than “regular” people who get pregnant.

I’m still taking it all in. I think that’ll be a process. Part of my prayer time Sunday morning was trying to get to a place where I was ok with a negative answer, that I’d still see God as faithful and trustworthy even if we didn’t get the news we wanted. I believed that either a positive or a negative would have been a blessing, each in it’s own way, although we wouldn’t have understood the blessing of a negative, of course. I was reminded of Elisabeth Eliot saying that some of God’s biggest mercies are his refusals. I went through all that Sunday morning prior to finding out. But I’m thanking God that he decided to show his grace and mercy in this way. If it had been negative, he still would have been gracious and merciful in his plan, but I’m just glad this is the way he blessed us.


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Congratulations- this is such great news! I can’t believe you guys had the will-power to wait until Sunday to hear the news, but man was it worth it! I’m glad you were together for something so happy! 🙂

Comment by Ellie

Congrats! Wonderful news!

Comment by Jennifer

OMG!!! I’m so happy for you Lauren! That is one awesome answer to prayer! I will continue to pray for you as your pregnancy progresses. You totally made my Friday!!!

Comment by Soapchick

Hi Lauren – Congrats!! I’ve been checking and rechecking to see when you’d post the news. This is wonderful!! So glad to hear the good news!

Comment by leslie laine

Such great news and great numbers! Progesterone is extremely high! Mine was about 100 and I think they want it at 50 on that first test. Each week is still nerve wracking but it will be so awesome to see that little heart beat flickering!! I’ll be praying!

Comment by Stephanie

Congratulations!!! God is good!

Comment by Robin

Wow!!! congratulations!!

Comment by williamandglenna

Congratulations girl, i am happy for you & you are totally right, God’s mercies are awesome & new every morning.

Comment by gracechild

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