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Transfer update
February 26, 2009, 3:41 pm
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I haven’t taken the time to update, but we don’t have any bad news. Actually, everything has gone really well. The transfer was yesterday. After all the painful injections and the retrieval, the transfer was a breeze! To back up a bit, we found out that 12 eggs fertilized, like I posted before, and the next day they told us that 7 embryos made it to the stage they wanted them to, and 5 were lagging behind a bit, but they’d keep looking at all of them in case any of those 5 continued to grow. The next day, Monday, we found out that 10 were now at the appropriate state and were continuing to grow! THey don’t look in on the embryos on the 4th day, so we didn’t hear anything on Tuesday. The transfer was yesterday, Wednesday. When we got there, my bladder wasn’t full enough, even though I had gulped down a 20 oz bottle of water, so the nurse had me drink some more. In that time, while I was drinking more, Dr H had to go in with another patient, so we ended up waiting almost an hour for her, with me in the gown and lovely hair net, and M in his hair net, gown, and thing covering his mouth. Once all that water hit my bladder, the nurse told me to “let some out” because I’d need to be able to stay on the table for at least another 30 minutes, waiting for Dr H and then for 15 minutes after the transfer. So I did that, and finally Dr H came in. She was great, really encouraging and excited. We finally got a report on our embryos–we had a nice, big, plump one to transfer, and 3 or 4 more that were a bit smaller, but that she expected to be to the big, plump stage by today, and then they’d be frozen. She said she was really pleased with us and our embryos, told M he did a “great job,” generally made us feel like all this had been worth it! Although, our expectations are appropriately low, or at least mine are–M is doing a little better at the optimism!

During the actual transfer, I couldn’t see the screen at all, although M got to watch it all. It was done before we knew it, and she said to just lie there and relax. Oh, she also asked if we were ok with prayer (you’re kidding, right?) and asked if she could pray with us. I was like, Um, yes please! She and the sweet nurse grabbed our hands and Dr H prayed for us. It was really nice. THey wheeled me back out of the procedure room and I waited the 15 minutes there. Then they let me get up and get dressed, and we left. Sort of surreal, the whole process. I remember thinking in the procedure room, “This is so weird!” I don’t know why–I was so thankful to have made it to transfer day, that we had a great embryo to transfer, that everyone had been so wonderful and kind to us, and everything else, but still, it was just weird! And to have a photo of our embryo–hello sci fi! My mom (who drove up yesterday to keep me company) said she was thinking of the verse where Go says “I saw your unformed body in your mother’s womb” and we laughed a little thinking, well we’ve seen it too!

I spent most of yesterday on the couch and am taking it easy still today, although we did get out for a short walk with my dog and went to lunch. I was tired of sitting on the couch doing nothing!

I’m so thankful that this entire process has been so much easier than I thought it would be. The drugs haven’t had an effect on my emotions at all and I’ve really felt such a calmness throughout. Even now, while we’re in the dreaded wait, I still feel calm. I’m not anxious. We even have to wait an extra two days after my blood test before we find out the result. My test is next Friday and M has to go out of town that morning. So I’m going to ask the nurse to leave me a message and M and I will listen to the message together on Sunday when he gets home.

Anyway, the hardest part of it all has been these darn progesterone injections. They hurt so badly, I’m hobbling around like an old woman! Janet, the IVF coordinator, got me a prescription for projesterone in a thinner oil, and said that should not hurt as bad. I just am so incredibly sore. She mentioned to me that since I’m fairly small and don’t have much extra padding back there, they might hurt me a bit more, and she wasn’t kidding. Even at night when I’m asleep, I basically wake up everytime I need to change positions because I can’t just flip over. Anyway, I probably shouldn’t go on about it–I’m sure everyone who uses this stuff hurts too!

**Update. Janet just called and said we have 4 embryos frozen!


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So glad transfer went well!
Do you apply ice before the PIO shot and heat after it (about 10-15 minutes of each)? That’s what my nurse suggested, and it really helped!

Comment by andrea_jennine

Fabulous news! I’m so happy that your awesome embryo is now at home in your uterus. Keep taking it easy for another week or so. Fortunately I have more fat than you so the PIO shots were a breeze. Sorry you are sore. Have you tried icing the area first? Looking forward to your beta! God Bless you.

Comment by Soapchick

So awesome! I’ll be praying for the little embryo! Isn’t Dr. H wonderful!! And Cherry the embryologist is too! Actually everyone there is so special!!

Comment by Stephanie

Hi Lauren – I wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my blog earlier this week. It was really helpful for me to start thinking of things that way.

I’m glad to hear that everything went so well with your cycle. Sounds like there are lots of reasons to be hopeful and positive.

Thinking of you and hoping/praying for a BFP.

Comment by Leslie Laine

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