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ER Report
February 20, 2009, 6:07 pm
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So, the trigger shot I was so nervous about a couple of days ago? M did so great! It felt just like it did when the nurse gave it to me over the summer–which is to day, I felt it go in, but it didn’t hurt that bad, and the medicine going in wasn’t that bad either. A little soreness in teh general area afterwards. I was so happy it wasn’t worse! Yesterday was a good day of running around, keeping my mind off today. I had a long breakfast with a friend, met another friend for lunch, and had another out of town friend stop by in the afternoon.

Today was ER day. It was scheduled for 8:30 and we were to arrive at 7:30. They called me back promptly and said M could come with me, which surprised us. So they led us back to a back room and I changed into a lovely open-in-the-back gown and meshy hair net and socks. We had some time to just sit and read and “relax” before things started. THe nurse back there was so sweet. She was with me before, during and after, and she said she’d be there for the transfer too. She started an IV and about 20 minutes before the retrieval started, they gave me some “happy juice” as they call it. They wheeled me about 15 feet into another room, and Dr H was there. I was happy she was the one to do the retrieval. Once I was in there, there was about 10 minutes of getting things ready, then they started. I was surprised I never went to sleep. I was awake for the whole thing, but just kind of loopy. I remember Dr H saying, “Ok, we have 6!” I asked, “Six?” thinking, ‘Wait a minute, I had 16 follicles!’ She was like, “Oh no 6 is good. I always want at least 6, so this is good.” I was not quite with it enough to process that enough to  think anything other than, “Hm, weird.” But then the number kept going up, and she ended with 15. I think that’s a good number!

The process  took only 15 minutes or so, then they wheeled me back out to where M was waiting, and I sat there very still so I could figure out if I was nauseated or not. I was pretty sick after the laparoscopy–anesthesia doesn’t agree with me very well. This time, it was not near as bad. They gave me something for nausea, so I was able to make it out with only getting a little sick! The car ride home was rough, but once I got home I felt much better. I promptly crashed on the couch for a couple of hours, then woke up and had breakfast at about noon.

So, that’s where we are. It’s been a lazy day. I have some slight cramping, and I have a weird pain in my back on the right side, the same side where they gave me the shot for the nausea medicine. Other than that, I feel ok. This morning was the first day I’ve actually had some pain from my ovaries, but I guess the retrieval allowed the pain to subside, and it doesn’t hurt as bad any more. They’ll call me in the morning with a fertilization report. Hopefully some good things will happen over night!

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Wow 15 is AWESOME!! Praying for a good fert rate. I can’t believe you were awake during the entire thing – but I’m guessing you were sedated enough not to feel the big needle!

Comment by Soapchick

Fabulous! That is weird that you were awake the whole time; I was under light general anesthesia. Can’t wait to hear your next report.

Comment by andrea_jennine

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