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Retrieval Friday
February 18, 2009, 10:15 am
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So, the nurse ended up calling me on Monday and said I didn’t need to come in Tuesday morning because she didn’t think the follicles would be ready yet, and for me to come in this morning (Wedneday). I’ve been a tad concerned about these little follicles since they seemed to be growing slower than they should. No one told me it was a problem, everyone said, “They’re growing and that’s good,” but as usual, I try to read between the lines and see what they’re not saying. Anyway, I went in this morning partly expecting them to say they still hadn’t grown enough. The nurse did the ultrasound and said they wanted at least 2 follicles at 1.8 cm or larger. I do in fact have 2, maybe 3, follicles at 1.8. The rest are between 1.4 and 1.7. She said they want the rest to be in that range. She wasn’t effusive in her discussion of the size, but said they’re good enough for a retrieval on Friday. I’m just going to go with that and hope that the eggs that are a bit smaller will be able to mature.  

So, she gave me the instructions for the next couple of days. We’ll do the HCG trigger tonight, tomorrow I eat a light dinner, and drink 16 oz of water before I go to bed. That’ll be a fun night of getting up to go to the bathroom! My bladder seems to get smaller at night, even when I don’t drink that much water before bed. They’ll call me later today and tell me the time for the trigger and what time I need to be in the office Friday. I’m a little nervous about M giving me the trigger shot. It’ll be our first IM injection, the first of many, since I’ll be starting the progesterone after the transfer. I may ask him to practice on an orange or something first! He says he’ll be fine, but I think this takes a bit more finesse than the sub Q ones do.

I think I was expecting to be in some pain by now. Maybe that’s partly why I’ve been a little concerned–because I just haven’t been hurting. I’m feeling a little discomfort today, but it’s not pain. I’m continuing to pray that things continue to go smoothly and that God will give us strength for whatever comes on Friday and in the days after.

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Just saw this new post (I think my feedreader is having issues). Be assured! Follicles start slow and grow fast toward the end, and the trigger shot will give them another boost. And it’s really no problem that you’re not in pain; I never experienced that much pain, even when the nurse looking at the ultrasound thought I must be really hurting from the swollen ovaries. I will be praying for all the rest of your IVF process!

Comment by andrea_jennine

I haven’t popped over from Google reader in quite some time. Love your new look. Best wishes on your ER this Friday. You shouldn’t be in any pain at this point – maybe just some bloating if any. Praying this works for you!

Comment by Soapchick

Hey there! How do you feel today after the trigger shot?

Comment by Robin

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