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Bring on the party
February 6, 2009, 12:17 pm
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I had an appt this morning for an ultrasound and bloodwork to make sure all my levels are where they should be before starting medication this Sunday. I had the refrain “we live in a fallen world” swirling through my brain as I sat there on the table, with “bottoms off”, waiting for the nurse to come in. I was just feeling really sorry for myself and lamenting the fact that things aren’t perfect. I was supposed to have a p.ap this morning too, because when I had my annual last month, I was on my p.eriod, and they couldn’t do it. I was embarrassed because there I was, bleeding, and they’re going, “Oh, you’re right, way too heavy to do the test.” I don’t know why, but I was super embarrassed. Plus, this little nurse assistant who I feel fairly uncomfortable with (but who likes me a lot and always seems to be the one to lead me to my room) was in there with the nurse practitioner and I just felt like she was in my business a little too much. Anyway, I had all that in my mind as I went to the appt this morning, expecting another embarrassing encounter because, lo and behold, I start again this morning. And lo and behold, the little nurse assistant was the one to take my blood and then take me back to the room. I thought, great this is going to be a repeat. But thankfully, she left and my favorite nurse practitioner came in the room. This particular lady just always makes me feel at ease and comfortable. She was quick and efficient. Everything looked good, she said, with a thin lining. They’ll call me later with my blood work results, but she expects those levels to be fine.

After that appt, I went by the pharmacy to pick up my meds. I left with 2 huge bags full. At our precycle visit a couple of weeks ago, they went over how to mix the drugs and give the injections, but I’ve forgotten most of it. M says he remembers and is fine with it all, so I’ll just trust that. They included lots of instructions in the bag, so we should be ok. I know a lot of people post photos of their IVF meds, but to tell you the truth, I just don’t want to document it. This part of the baby-making process is not something that I want to remember forever. It’s a fact of my life right now, something we chose for ourselves, and that’s fine, but it’s not something I’m wanting to document, you know?

Anyway, I’m going to try to really enjoy this weekend, as my last weekend before the party starts. I’ll call it that rather than “treatment” or “procedures” or any other unsavory word. Who knows, maybe this is my last “normal” weekend. I’m not really going there in my mind, but I am aware that this weekend should be one that I try to savor.

In other news, I started the nanny job this week. It went well. I’m going again next week, then taking 2 weeks off for the retrieval and transfer. For those of you who have done IVF, how uncomfortable were you post retrieval and post transfer? They’ve said I will need to be careful for a few days after the transfer, mainly because my ovaries could be large and/or painful, but that I won’t need to walk on eggshells. If you’ve done IVF, was that your experience, or was it something different for you? I’m hoping I’ll be able to go back to work the week after the transfer (obviously being careful not to pick the little girl up too much since I’m not supposed to pick up heavy things. She’s almost 2, so it won’t be much of a problem.)

And our house is still on the market. We’ve had lots of showings, but no offer yet. It’s only been a week though. I’m pretty torn–if we get the new house, it’d be fine, and if our house doesn’t sell, I’m ok with that too. Of course, now that there’s a possibility of moving, I’m thinking of all the reasons I love our little house! Mainly that this house gets tons of natural light, and we have a laundry room with tons of storage. The new house doesn’t have as many windows and doesn’t have a real laundry room, just a laundry closet. I’m trying to go with M when he says the new house isn’t perfect but the good outweighs the not as good. I need to keep in mind that, just like in everything else, nothing is perfect, and while our little house is cute and has lots of natural light and storage, it is so drafty that I spend every night during the winter bundled up in warm clothes and blankets and I still have cold hands and feet!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


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I was surprised by how totally normal I felt after ER and ET. Bloated by all the meds and swollen ovaries, but certainly not sore or fragile-feeling at all. In fact, I had to remind myself to take it a little easier than normal.

Comment by andrea_jennine

Good to know. Thanks!

Comment by Lauren

My E2 level was super high at the ER. I had my ER on Monday and stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thurs I went back to work, but was really sore walking around. I had mild OHSS, so I was sent home from work and ended up staying home on Friday. For my ET, I stayed home 2 days and had no issues, course I had a FET so I didn’t have any ovary issues.

Comment by Nity

Physically I felt fine after ER – you are a little sore that night but by the next morning you feel fine. The emotional turmoil over waiting for fertilization reports overtakes any pain you might be in. They give you some serious drugs but I just took a couple of tylenol and I was fine – both times. After transfer you feel a little crampy for a day or two but I was ultra careful and did 2 days of bedrest just so i would feel like I didn’t do anything to jeopardize anything. Dr. Ivey told me to eat pineapple every day after transfer so I did that and drank lots of water. I’ll be thinking about you!

Comment by Stephanie

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