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January 25, 2009, 12:11 pm
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Yikes, it looks like we may be putting a bid on a house today! It’s completely out of the blue, and admittedly, not ideal timing, with IVF starting presently, but it’s almost too good of a deal for us to pass up. We knew we’d be looking to move in the next  year or year and a half, and have been looking at houses in our neighborhood that we could possibly move into and add on to, since up until now, the option of moving into a larger (4 bedroom) house was out of the question due to high prices. However, we found a nice house in our price range that has great space, and we just may have to jump on it. It would involve getting our house ready to sell fast and preparing for a big change.

As far as IVF, I’m thinking maybe it’d actually be good for me to have something else to concentrate on rather than what’s happening in my body! I know many would say not to do something big like moving while undergoing IVF, but we also can’t put our life on hold, and we certainly don’t want to pass up a great opportunity because of a month and a half of treatment. I googled things like “stress and IVF” this morning, and most if the sites it pulled up cited a 2005 study that showed no link between stress, IVF, and pregnancy. That sounds totally opposite of what I’ve been told (as in nurses saying to decrease stress during IVF), but it made me feel a tad better. Also, maybe the acupuncture I’m doing will counteract the stress moving would cause!

I’m still feeling good about entering this IVF cycle, and I’m praying God won’t let this house thing go through if moving would cause the treatment to fail. I don’t know if that’s the right thing to pray, but we may just go ahead and put the contract on the house and trust that God will cause everything to shake out as he knows is best.

I’ll let you know how it all happens!


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Yea for a new house! It’s a great distraction from worrying about IVF. Good luck with the big!

Comment by Robin

I’m going through the same thing right now, minus the IVF. It too was sort of an out of the blue thing…one minute we were thinking of refinancing and the next we were buying a new house and putting ours on the market. If my experience holds you will be super busy, which could be good when trying to keep your mind occupied.

Comment by Jennifer

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