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January 18, 2009, 11:44 am
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We’ve officially begun the IVF process. I had my appointment Friday for the baseline ultrasound and blood work. My antral count was I believe 17. I had 11 follicles on the right and 6 on the left. I don’t think those are extremely high numbers, but they’re fine. I started the last night and will probably use it for about 3 weeks. Thank goodness NR was the birth control I used when we first got married, so the idea of this type of BC didn’t freak me out, as I imagine it does for some people. Our pre-cycle visit (where we sign consent forms, get our calendar, learn about meds, etc) is set for Feb 2. The nurse gave me a brief rundown on what to expect for the next month and a half or so, and I plan to call the IVF coordinator on Monday to get a few more details. The nurse said since I’ve started this cycle, the coordinator will have a better idea of my protocol.

The thing is, I’ve taken a nanny job that is supposed to start the first week of Feb, right around the time I’ll be starting the injections. The mom is a friend of a friend, and she has a one and a half year old girl. Although I’m nervous about how it’ll work with the IVF, I’m convinced God has put me and this mom together. The job fits in really well with what I’ve been praying for–something part time that allows me time leftover for freelance work and all the doctor appointments and an employer who I can be honest with about the IVF. The mom (Nancy) works a day and a half a week as a nurse practitioner, and she’s mostly working just to keep her license. She and her husband have been praying for the right person to come along for this job, and she said she would probably have quit her job if she didn’t feel totally comfortable with a prospective nanny. We met for lunch last week and we really hit it off. I’ll be at their house all day on Tuesdays (6:45 til about 4) and half day on Wednesdays (6:45 til about 1.) My problem is that I don’t know what to tell her about those first few weeks of February. The nurse told me that as we get close to the retrieval, I’d need to be available to come in on whatever day they need me to, which of course makes perfect sense. The last thing I want is to go through all this then miss the chance for retrieval because I was at work! I just hate to be so vague with Nancy since she’s really depending on me to help her out and feels so strongly about me being the one to keep her little girl. She’s been very supportive though and wants me to be really honest with her about what I need. So, hopefully the IVF coordinator can give me a little more information on what to expect, and I can figure out what to tell the mom.

M and I are so ready to begin this process. It’s really hard to believe we’ve gotten this far in the quest to become pregnant, but I’m ready to take this step and see what happens. My family has been going through a lot in the last year, and, although my reason for wanting to get pregnant is obviously not just to ease the sorrows and trials in my family, I do feel that a new baby would make everyone really happy–for many reasons!


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Sounds like an ideal work situation in so many ways. Praying that IVF #1 brings the desired result!

Comment by andrea_jennine

Praying for good results and a calm cycle! Yeah for getting started!

Comment by Stephanie

I’m doing good – I’ll be 9 weeks at my next appointment on Wed. I’ve been bad about the blog – its like if I write about it, it might go away. I’m crazy! I told Dr. H that Janet needed a raise just for dealing with me! You’ll get to know Janet well! You are lucky that when you get pregnant you’ll get to have all your ultrasounds at the main office. She really does a good ultrasound! I’m really praying that this works for you! They are all amazing there!

Comment by Stephanie

Yea for getting started! I’ll be praying for you! Keep us updated on how things are going. Congrats on the job too! That sounds perfect.

Comment by Robin

Yeah!! If you have any questions, let me know. Usually you go in every other day for u/s on sims (or whenever they tell you) and then you go in more frequently before your ER. I’m sure your new boss can be flexible, but I might suggest telling her up front this is what is coming up. I had to miss some important work meetings for my ET recovery, and it all turned out ok, but I was really nervous about asking. Sometimes – you do need to put yourself first. This would be one of those times! Praying for you.

Comment by Nity

Hi There! Just visited your blog after reading your comment on mine and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it. I hope that my IVF testament isn’t too negative, because I’m currently trying a new tactic: realism. I know everyone says to be positive, be positive, and I guess for some people that works well, but I’m learning that we do better if we go into each situation anticipating a realistic outcome instead of feeliing completely crestfallen when things don’t go as anticipated.

I am struck by the similarities in our stories. We, too, have been trying to conceive for a little over 2 years, and the doctors can’t give us any reason this is happening. I struggle with that sometimes, but like you am trying to accept that this is part of God’s journey for us. It can be so difficult to accept while watching everyone have babies around me, but I work on it on a daily basis and use my blog as a much needed reprieve.

Like Nity said, I would really recommend being straight forward with your boss. That’s what I’ve done, and it’s been an immeasurable relief to me. If you can eliminate any stress heading into this process, do it for yourself!

I will be checking in with you and hoping for the best for us both. Thanks again for your comment – it was such a pleasure to stop by your blog!

Comment by Leslie Laine

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