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Merry Christmas
December 22, 2008, 9:33 am
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A hearty Merry Christmas to everyone in the blog world. Hard to believe Christmas is only 4 days away. I have 2 gifts left to buy–one for my brother and one for a sweet 7 year old in my family who I only see once a year, therefore I have no idea what to buy her! I guess I’ll have to fight the crowds at the mall today and try to figure something out. Although I’ve read in the paper that the crowds aren’t that bad this year, given the state of the economy and people pinching pennies more than usual. Maybe that’ll make the traffic not as bad! (I will say that one good thing about having a bad economy is that everyone is having huge sales!)

Not much to report on the doctor front. We’re still waiting to hear from my insurance company as to whether or not they’ll approve me for IVF coverage even though I haven’t done “drug therapy.” My doctor told me again last week that I’m not a candidate for OI drugs, since I ovulate on my own every month. However, the insurance company doesn’t care much for that little detail, seeing as they’re more concerned with saving money. Which I guess makes since, from an insurance point of view. It’s just wacky that a bunch of insurance agents are deciding what kind of medical care I need. At any rate, Dr H said if they come back with a ‘no’, she’ll put me on a very low dose of a drug that’ll only make me produce one egg anyway, just to satisfy insurance, then we’ll ask again for coverage. I’m praying someone at the insurance company will decide to agree with the doctor’s assessment of my needs and approve us for coverage without the drugs. I’ll have to take enough drugs during IVF without having to take a round of unnecessary drugs just to make insurance happy!

I’m still feeling remarkably ok about doing IVF. A friend asked me a few days ago if I’m excited about IVF. I laughed and said, “No I’m not excited! But I am glad for the opportunity to do SOMEthing.” We’ve been doing the IUIs, but Dr H is pretty encouraged by our outlook if we do IVF. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but she seems to think this is what we should be doing. M and I are both looking very forward to doing something that will hopefully help us start our family. I’m willing to go down this road because I really do think this is what God has planned for us…whether or not it ends with a baby. If it doesn’t, if we go through IVF and it’s negative and we decide to move on to something else (which we’re not really thinking or talking about right now), we’ve decided to go to Paris. Seriously! We’ve spent all of 2008 altering our lives to make room for a baby, just in case it came. Not in huge ways–we’ve still lived our life, gone to the beach, spent time with friends and family, etc. But there are trips we didn’t take and other things we didn’t do just in case I turned out to be pregnant by the time the trip or whatever came along. (Of course, when the time came when these things would have happened and I wasn’t pregnant, we wanted to kick ourselves.) We don’t want to do that anymore. We have a trip to San Francisco on the books for September 09 (part work trip for M, and part fun trip when I fly out to meet him for the weekend), and we just decided a few weeks ago to go to Paris if IVF doesn’t work.* Of course, we’d take getting pregnant and expanding our family over going to Paris any day of the week, but it’s fun to think that we could have a nice trip or two coming up next year if OUR plan to get pregnant doesn’t work.

(I’m acknowledging here that my first thought was along the lines of “We can’t spend money on a trip to Paris when we’re in a recession and I just lost my job and the economy is in the tank!” But as if to make us feel better, there was a bit in the paper yesterday that said 2009 might be the perfect time to plan a trip to Europe because the dollar is on the rise and there will be many travel deals to be had. I’m banking on that, and have already started looking for deals!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week with family and friends and that the peace of Christ will rest on your shoulders.


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Merry Christmas Lauren! We continue to pray for you on this journey. I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday together.

Comment by Robin

Those sound like fabulous plans to me!

Comment by andrea_jennine

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