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Closing in on IUI #5
October 31, 2008, 8:38 am
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Even though I haven’t had an LH surge, I went in to the doctor this morning for an ultrasound to see if ovulation is close and to see when the IUI will be. I did OPKs for the last couple of nights but didn’t have a surge, which is fairly normal for me. They like you to come in if you haven’t had a surge by a certain day, to make sure you don’t miss it. I tend to ovulate late, so even though I didn’t get that smiley face last night (day 15) I wasn’t too worried. And the ultrasound confirmed that I haven’t ovulated, but it’s close. The follicle was at 1.72 mm and they like it to be at 1.8 before they do the trigger. So I’ll go in tomorrow morning at 7:45 for another ultrasound and the trigger shot, as long as everything is at the proper measurement. Most likely the IUI will be Sunday morning.

It’s kind of nice to feel less stressed about this IUI. Back when I was doing them at the beginning of the year, I felt pretty stressed about getting the day right, trying on our own the few nights before, but not trying too much so we don’t deplete any “resources,” constantly counting days, hours, etc. Not much fun. Going into this one though, I kind of feel like if it happens, it happens. I guess I don’t have much expectation that it will work, and that helps. Maybe it’s a self-preservation thing!

And Stephanie, oh my gosh, have you had the nurse practitioner Kathy? Really short hair, kind of curly? She’s my absolute favorite. She’s so kind and encouraging and calm. If I ever get pregnant, I think I’ll bring her some cookies. 


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Good luck! I’m getting ready for iui #8!

Comment by Leslee

I’ve never met Kathy – I’ve only had to go there once for monitoring and the ultrasound girl did the ultrasound and we talked to Dr. H right after. It was the day we were trying to figure out if we were going to do retrieval or not. Glad she was nice. We really need some nice in our lives these days! What did you figure out about Clomid?

Comment by Stephanie

I’m hoping everything went well for you on Sunday. Crossing fingers.

Comment by Nity

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Comment by How to Get Six Pack Fast

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