Two Years and Counting

October 7, 2008, 2:25 pm
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Thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments after my down day on Monday. I am feeling better about things now. Not better as in I’m totally ok with it all, but I am better. Today I read a great thing over at I Believe in Miracles. She quoted a devotional that said that infertility is just a season in life. It will not last forever. That’s a really good thing to remember. God has allowed this struggle for me and M. I can’t fathom the reason, but I have to trust that one day, it’ll all be worth it. God’s plan is infinitely better than I can plan myself. 

I’ve been taking the progesterone, and it’s not too bad. The main side effect I’m realizing today is drowsiness. I get tired in the afternoons sometimes, but today, it’s really getting to me. I almost fell asleep at my desk a little while ago! So I turned to trusty Dr Google and found that many people find drowsiness to be a side effect of the progesterone. At least I’m not alone in my tiredness.

I have a pregnancy test scheduled for Monday, which I’m not excited about. I’ve made it a point in my IF journey to NOT do pregnancy tests unless my period is markedly late. It really stinks to take a test only to see it be negative. At least that’s how it is for me. I think I’ve only taken 2 pregnancy tests in the whole 20 or whatever months this has gone on. But Dr H said she wants me to have an actual test to know if I can stop taking the prog. They don’t want you to stop it until you know you’re not pregnant. They said they even want me to come in if my period comes this weekend. Not sure why that is, and I’d be willing to bet that if my period comes this weekend, I won’t be trotting in on Monday for a test!


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Glad you are feeling better. I’m frustrated with the nurses at her office. I called to ask a simple question – which I left on the nurse message line and the nurse just called me to ask what my question was! Whoever wrote the messages from the nurse message line messed that one up! I was asking her opinion on DHEA b/c I talked to on of Dr. L’s patients that took it before her IVF cycle! Simple question – what is her opinion on it!! GRRRRR!

Ok – back to you! 🙂 I’ll be praying that you are in the fertile category now! You probably won’t get your period while taking the progesterone so my guess is you’ll be there on Monday! Good luck and many prayers for a baby!

Comment by Stephanie

I’m glad the quote helped cheer you up. It was definitely a great reminder for me.

I was thinking about you yesterday. I really hope and pray that you are back in the fertile category. When I asked my RE at our last apt if I should have a laproscopy to see if there was any endo, she said it didn’t matter – that the surgery would be unnecessary because the diagnosis at the end would be the same: IVF. Now on the lupron I haven’t spotted the way I normally spot (and lupron is supposed to help with endo), so I’m wondering if endo really is my problem. I’m praying that you get pregnant and prove my dr wrong for me!!

I’ve only taken 2 pregnancy tests too!! I hate testing. One time I had my annual physical and the dr wanted me to take some bloodwork so he threw a pregnancy test in there just in case. Of course it was negative and I was pretty sure it would be beforehand. I don’t really count that one. I hate testing. I’ll have the same thing with the IVF – progesterone supplements, a beta to see if pregnant or not.

I’m crossing fingers that both of us get AF soon!!!

Comment by Nity

I’m totally with you on only taking tests when needed. And since I typically have a 25 day cycle and used to spot for a day or two beforehand, that meant I didn’t take a single test until we started doing treatments. I’ve still probably only tested a handful of times.

Comment by andrea_jennine

For Random Reassurance Week, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. It’s hard to be on this journey, but having other encouraging ladies of faith (like you) definitely helps!!

Comment by Nity

don’t you hate pee tests? i have taken them, but it sucks everytime they come up negative…. so I force myself not to take them until i’m 5 days late… of course, I never can wait. and then the shock of reality sinks in.


Comment by Just Me

Met with Dr. H today and I will say it again how much I love her! She spent along time counselling me spiritually about the next cycle. She is really a good person. She was telling me her father is in the hospital and not doing well so keep him in your prayers. Can’t wait for an update from you. Have you gone to see the counselor in their practice? I have an appointment in the next few weeks so I’ll let you know how it goes. I spoke with her today and she seems wonderful. She said she could give me some tips for managing the fear and the stress for the upcoming cycle. She has also walked this long road of infertility personally so she does really know how we feel. Just letting you know I’m thinking about you!

Comment by Stephanie

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