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August 19, 2008, 3:33 pm
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Well, we’re adding another twist to my tale. The nurse called me late last week to tell me that one of the blood tests they did the last time I was in (when we talked to Dr H about ivf) came back showing I had elevated thyroid antibodies. They did a TSH test on me back in January that came back normal, but since these antibodies are high (54.2 and should be <33.9), they’re going to retest it next week when we go back on Monday for our “risks and benefits” discussion. She said if my TSH is high, Dr H will probably want to put me on sy.nthroid. She also said that if you’re hypothyroid, it can impair fertility and if left untreated, can increase the risk of miscarriage, but that the sy.nthroid can help that.

I did a little research on Dr. Google and found that most women with a thyroid problem should be maintained at a TSH level of between 1 and 2 to help them get pregnant and stay pregnant. I don’t know what my level was in January, but I’ll ask, and I’ll get the number of the next test. I also read that just the presence of thyroid antibodies increases the risk of miscarriage (although my dad, who’s a doctor, said having antibodies isn’t a problem, but an elevated TSH is), and that antibodies can impair conception after IVF.  

So now I’m wondering if thyroid issues have played a part in my not getting pregnant. Then there’s the question of whether or not I need a laparoscopy. Honestly, M and I are leaning towards having one. I figure, why not have a fairly routine outpatient surgery that could uncover an obstacle to getting pregnant? (I know it’s not a simple surgery, but I’m reading that many times it’s part of an infertility patient’s general work up, so it’s not out of the ordinary.) If they find nothing, then at least we didn’t leave that stone unturned in our quest to do everything possible before we resort to IVF. I know that even if we have a lap and I have a thyroid problem and get on syn.throid, that still may not resolve our issues and we may still need ivf. BUT…I do have one friend who had some issues with her thyroid, and soon after she got on medication to regulate it, she got pregnant. And also, Dr I (the doctor in my hometown who I’ll hopefully be talking to soon when he receives my medical records in the mail) said he had a patient who had no symptoms of endometriosis, had a lap, discovered she did have endo, they took it out, and she was able to conceive on her own. While I’d LOVE for one of these situations to happen to me, I figure even just the possibility of them is enough to make me pursue these two leads until I am satisfied that we’ve done all we can do.

The thyroid thing is not a huge surprise to me. My mom, aunt, and grandmother all have thyroid issues, so I’ve known for a while that I’d need to keep an eye on my thyroid. I was actually surprised when the test came back normal in January. M and I have been laughing all week, saying (half way joking, but maybe a touch serious too), “When else in your life would you actually want to have endometriosis and a thyroid issue?!” I’ve said this whole time that it’d be easier if there was a specific problem that we could fix, rather than have no discernable problem and just say we’re “unexplained.” I don’t know if these are our problems, and if they are, if they’re our only problems, but I’m anxious to find out.

(If you haven’t already, please go give Stephanie some support. She received some hard news today regarding her eggs and current IVF cycle.) 

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I hope you continue to get answers that help you know what steps to take.

Comment by andrea_jennine

Thanks for the sweet comment!

I’m sorry to hear about this thyroid issue. I’m getting my scanned next week – dr. just wants to make sure it’s ok, doesn’t think anything is wrong, but since we’re ttc – I’m hoping you’ll have the same results as your friend!

Comment by Nity

I am confident that Dr. H will want you to do all you can do to feel comfortable. Even with my situation I feel like she is such a competent and compassionate doctor. I also found out Friday at our appointment that she has done some mission work in China. I was going to ask you about whether you went to see the doctor that Dr. H recommends for acupuncture or did you go somewhere else? We are supposed to go see Martha and get some sort of herbs that worked for the last patient she saw with my issues – they had triplets in June so I can’t really argue!

Comment by Stephanie

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