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Office Woes
August 3, 2008, 7:06 pm
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(I wrote this during the day Friday…)

Oh my gosh, these 2 ladies in my office! I don’t think I’ve written about them here, maybe on my other blog. Anyway, aside from the comments they always make about my size, one of them is always making comments to this pregnant girl who sits on the other side of the cubicle wall from me. The lady is being nice, as in, not trying to be mean, but from what pregnant friends have told me, sometimes you just want people to keep ALL comments to themselves when you’re big, hot, and irritable. She (the lady) just came into the girl’s office and said, “Oh you’re looking cute, your face has filled out now. It’s cute.” I mean, seriously. What girl wants to know her face has filled out! I admit, I’m sort of looking forward to gaining pregnancy weight (if for no other reason that it’ll mean I’m actually pregnant!), but not in my face! I can’t imagine it’s nice to hear that you have a FAT FACE when you’re 8 months pregnant!

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Commenting that one has a cute belly is okay from my perspective. But saying anything about weight gain in other regions is rude. Nobody wants to be told their getting fat!

Comment by Jennifer

Wow, sounds like the lady in your office doesn’t have enough work to do! Y’all should all gang up and give her a dose of her own medicine…maybe then she’d see how it feels!

Comment by T.

That’s just rude. Although before this, I’ll admit, I probably wouldn’t have watched my tongue as much.

Comment by Nity

Hi- thanks for commenting on my blog!

I can’t believe your co-worker said that! Sounds like my mom….

I will definitely follow along as you start your IVF journey. Good luck!

Comment by Ellie

Hey Lauren – thanks for the note! I really needed it this morning. I had my first monitoring appointment and apparently I have some fluid in my endometrial lining that is keeping it from thickening and its freaking me out. I’ve called Janet (the IVF nurse) and left her a message saying that I’m freaking out. I feel like its an accomplishment that I haven’t called her before now about something! I had 10 follicles that haven’t started to grow yet and I’ve had 4 days of stim shots. The Nurse Practitioner didn’t seem to upset by that she just said that I would be a slow responder. I think they had guessed that by my FSH level b/c I’m on high dose of Follistem. I will report absolutely no side effects yet from Lupron or Follistim or Menopur. The Menopur stings going in but no bloating – I’ve actually lost weight since I came off the BCP. So far so good. I’m trying to tell myself that the worst that can happen is they cancel the cycle and I’ve paid for some meds that I didn’t need. We’ll try again. Please feel free to ask me any questions about any of the IVF procedure and I’ll see if I can help!! Its a very scary road to begin but its been fine up until today and that too will probably be fine. I’m glad to hear that Dr. H said that about the same God being in control of the IVF cycle. I know He knows what he is doing and I need to let Him do his thing and not worry and over analyze. Thank you so much. I needed that this morning!! Good Luck with everything!

Comment by Steph

oh sheesh. that’s always the worst. whenever i gain weight it’s usually in my weight and i get this nasty double chin and I HATE when the comments start coming. people can be so insensitive, eh?

Comment by Just Me

i meant, it’s usually in my face!!! haha

Comment by Just Me

I am almost six months pregnant and I *know* I have had “fat face” for quite awhile now (in fact, it’s almost the only place I’ve GAINED weight – that and my boobs, lol!)…and I woud NOT want to hear about it. You don’t need to tell me, I alreayd know! =)

Comment by LaLa

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