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Is this too alternative?
June 10, 2008, 8:10 pm
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Several months ago, my mom told me she was talking to a lady who has a son my age. This son, J, and his wife A, have been trying to get pregnant for a while and have had no success. J’s mom told my mom that A decided to try going to a chiropractor, and my mom asked me if I’d ever heard of that for infertility. I laughed and said I’d never heard of that and couldn’t imagine that going to a chiropractor could possibly help you get pregnant. Mom said, “Funny, that’s what she said when I told her you’d tried acupuncture to get pregnant!”
So of course, I consulted Dr. Google and found several sites that mentioned a possible link between chiropractic care and increased fertility. In particular, the chair of the council on women’s health for the W.orld Chiropractic A.lliance, Dr. Madeline B.ehrendt, published an infertility study that detailed “a number” of cases where infertile women became pregnant while undergoing chiropractic care. B.ehrendt said she wanted to do the study because of anecdotal evidence—stories of women becoming pregnant after going to the chiropractor. She wanted to test the theory and see if anything concrete was behind it.
To make a long story short, they looked at women of a variety of ages, and various chiropractic techniques. Regardless of the technique used, many of the women in the study became pregnant while under care. (There’s a fairly sound argument for what chiropractic care does to your body and how it can positively affect your reproductive organs—read the article here.) They said results weren’t conclusive but were compelling. Chiropractic is usually covered under insurance, it’s a lot cheaper and less traumatic than fertility treatments, and there’s no reason not to try getting your body in line and working properly before trying more invasive treatments.
So. There’s that. I suppose I should bite my tongue for laughing when I heard A was going to visit a chiropractor. And since I’m still on the “I don’t want to” end of IVF, I suppose I should try whatever noninvasive treatments I can before I go to the big guns. (That was also my argument for trying acupuncture.)
What do you think? Have any of you ever heard of going to a chiropractor for infertility? Do you know someone who’s tried it, or have you ever tried it? Have you ever heard of it resulting in pregnancy? I’m really curious as to how widespread this theory is and if people (other than A) have really tried it. Any feedback would be appreciated!
Hope you’re all doing well.


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I’ve been going to a chiropractor the whole time we’ve been ttc (for neck problems), and have seen no success in the whole getting pregnant area. I don’t think chiropractic care can cure MF or Endo though, so if those aren’t your problems, it’s worth a try 🙂

Comment by Amber

I’ve heard of seeing a chiropractor for infertility. It’s been recommended to me several times, and I kind of tried it – but to get insurance to cover it, I had to get a referral for another reason (neck stiffness), and the referral only lasted for 5 visits, so infertility stuff didn’t really get addressed. A friend of mine, who has hypothyroidism, has been seeing the chiropractor and has actually seen some significant improvements in her TSH levels as a result of chiropractic care (her endocrinologist is baffled!).

Comment by andrea_jennine

I’ve heard about it, mainly in IF blogs but I have no personal experience. Sorry I can’t be of help.

Comment by Grace

I’ve never heard of that but hey its got to be worth a shot. Dr. H told us yesterday that it was time to move on to IVF. I’m still in the I don’t want to and I’m scared phase of that too but . . . if its our only option I guess I’m willing to try. I wish there was a way to know if it would work before you had to do it – it would make the whole process alot easier! Good luck with the chriopractic experiment — it can’t hurt!

Comment by Steph

I am a chiropractic assistant who has seen women time and time again get pregnant after years of trying. It is important that you see a corrective care chiropractor. This is a different kind of treatment that specifically focuses in on areas related to the reproductive system and also the endocrine system to help even out hormone irregularities. I can’t even count on both hands the number on women that I have seen achieve pregnancy after starting a wellness chiropractic program. Of course this involves a good diet, moderate exercise and chiropractic adjustments to remove interference with the nervous system. If you decide to give it a try make sure you do your research and find a good corrective care practitioner! Good luck and God bless!

Comment by Leah

I have heard that it works! I’m a huge advocate for chiropractic care, though–my grandfather was the first chiropractor to set up practice in Memphis, TN, many many years ago (I’m a bit proud!). I’ve grown up with chiropractic care, and when we are placed with a baby, he will get chiro. care, too, as an infant. Because our IF is male-factor, it hasn’t been proven to work on that, but for women, I have heard of it working! I would suggest giving it a try! I don’t see chiro. care as “alternative” the way I see acupuncture as alternative. But, that’s probably because I grew up with it.

Comment by glenna

I know someone else in the blogosphere who is also doing chiro for IF, so that doesn’t sound that “out there” to me. I say, can’t hurt, might help! If nothing else, it feels great.

Comment by mrslala

I have never heard of Chiropractic care in conjunction with infertility but you know I wouldn’t knock it at all. I too did acupuncture a few years back, no baby help for me, but I sure felt better.

I used to go to a chiropractor years ago and I always felt AWESOME after. Its amazing how adjusting your spine correlates to so much going on in your body. Example, I had a bad cold, went for an adjustment and I swear that day cold vanished.

So I say try it, why not- even if it doesn’t help you get pregnant (it will POSITIVE THINKING) you’ll feel awesome after getting an adjustment, I guarantee you that. xoxoxo

Comment by Wishing4One

I just found your blog. We went through 3.5 years of TTC, 2 miscarriages, 1 laporscopy and 3 rounds of IUI to get our beautiful baby girl. All of that time I was seeing my chiro weekly for maintenance adjustments (I have a back hip from a 3-wheeler accident at age 10ish). Never once considered him as a possibility in this TTC battle. Then one day I mentioned to him we were starting fertility treatments. “Let’s talk” he said. He changed the way he adjusted me, recommended some vitamins/supplements, etc. Now, it still took a year and 3 IUIs to get our baby, but I fully believe that the adjustments he was doing HELPED. I don’t think they cured anything, and weren’t a miracle treatment. And maybe the help was all psychological for me because at least I felt like I was DOING something… I won’t tell you it WILL work, but I don’t think it can hurt your efforts!

Comment by Tobie

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