Two Years and Counting

June 4, 2008, 5:20 pm
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Sorry I’ve been slack with the posting. I feel I don’t have much to write about since we’re not in any kind of treatment right now. We had a wonderful time at the beach for Memorial Day. I partook of a few choice beverages since I knew I could. My acupuncturist said it’s wise to avoid all alcohol, even the first week or so of your cycle when you know you’re not pg, because it can mess with your temperature the next morning. But, seeing as I’m not temping, I decided to throw her advice to the wind. I immensely enjoyed a few Coronas by the pool and a cool, creamy b.ushwacker at a little seafood shack on the water. One thing’s for sure, with TTC, my alcohol tolerance has shot down to about nothing. Granted, it’s never been high because I’ve never been much of a drinker, but now, I can hardly finish a whole drink. But the time away from alcohol really allowed me to enjoy those tastes. I also allowed myself a little wine this past weekend while at a rehearsal dinner and wedding of a friend of my family. My parents came to town and stayed with us, and we had another enjoyable weekend.
I’m slowly approaching the middle of my cycle, and I’m determined to keep taking it easy. I’ll probably start temping in the next day or two, so I can see when the jump happens, and I may use an OPK a night or two as well. Just because we’re taking a break from treatment doesn’t mean we’re not trying at all, and I’d still like to maximize our chances as much as we can.
I just found out that M has 6 work trips between the end of June and the end of September. I’ve put the dates on my calendar, but I haven’t counted the days to see if and when he’ll be gone during my ovulation time. Judging by the dates, it looks like maybe only one of the trips will coincide with that time, and that’s just life. And it’s ok. One thing it’s made me think is that this could put off our thinking about ivf a little longer. If we have to go that route, or choose to go that route, there’s no way I’ll be sitting at home alone giving myself shots. We’d have to wait til his trips are over so he can be home for the whole “40 days in the wilderness,” as our RE called it.
However, here’s to hoping that we don’t have to approach that wilderness. Maybe M’s being gone so much and us not approaching the idea til after his trips are over will give us the relatively unstressed months we need to get pg on our own. (Because we all know relaxing is the trick!)
And who knows, maybe I need to drink more alcohol! Isn’t that how people get pregnant? Drink a bit too much one night then two weeks later find that their “visitor” doesn’t come? Oh if it were only that easy… (if it were only that easy, I wouldn’t have stopped at one b.ushwacker!)

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Thanks for updating; good to hear from you, and I’m glad you’re enjoying your break!

Comment by andrea_jennine

Breaks are soooo refreshing…glad you are enjoying yours=)

Comment by JJ

Good to hear from you. And I never found alcohol to mess with my temps unless I drank a whole lot. I’m glad you are enjoying your break!

Comment by Jennifer

Good for you enjoy the break. I too am breaking….just failed IVF #5 and will try yet again, but need some down time now. So here’s to our dowtime my friend, lets enjoy it!!!

Comment by Wishing4One

I’m glad to see that you’re back. I agree with the person above that alcohol never affected my temps (although I usually have just one or two drinks…I have ZERO tolerance at this point in my life).

I did all of my abdominal (subcutaneous) shots on my own (Lupron, Menopur, and Follistim), but I completely depend on S for the PIOs (intramuscular shots in the butt), that’s for sure. I went out of town for 4 nights last weekend and recruited my friends to help out. I can’t imagine doing that one on my own.

Comment by sarah23

LOL, yes. More liquor and don’t forget to have sex in the back seat of a car as well for maximum fertility. 😉

Glad your memorial day was nice as well!

Comment by mrslala

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