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Coming to a close
May 22, 2008, 8:19 am
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Not too much to report here. I’m at the tail end of this cycle, with my period most likely coming Saturday. Which also means I’m in the last couple of days of temp-taking. I’m going to hide the thermometer for a couple of months while we sit things out for a couple/few months. I also went to my last acupuncture appt this week. I told Dr. I. that I’d call her towards the end of the summer and let her know if I’d be back. (If we proceed with IVF, I’ll do acupuncture the whole cycle.) When I left her office, I felt a huge sense of relief. I’m just so looking forward to a few months of no doctor visits at all. No needle sticks, no ultrasounds, no blood draws, no waiting rooms. I’m going to enjoy the break. I may make one appt with Dr. H. (the RE) sometime this summer to go over my *two pages* of IVF questions. I’ll have to have some answers regarding these questions before I can decide to proceed with it. Seriously, two pages!

I have good days, but then I have hours here and there where I’m pretty sad about the current state of affairs. I’d say I’m ok more than I’m sad. (I’m also really great a lot of the time too. There’s a slight undercurrent of disappointment, but all things considered, my life is really good.) A few days ago, I ran across a paragraph from J.I. Packer’s Knowing God that I had copied down when I read it at the end of last year. It said (I’m paraphrasing here) that God is acting in love every minute of every day, in every single thing that happens to us. Everything that God allows to happen in our life is an expression of his love for us. Because of that, even if I don’t understand the whys or hows of something, I can be sure that he loves me and is acting in love. I don’t really know how that applies to IVF, but until I have to make that decision, I’m going to rest in the knowledge that God loves me and is acting in love towards us, even in our infertility journey. (I don’t know how this concept applies to awful things like car accidents or cancer either, but that’s too big of a question for me to ponder.)

Tomorrow M and I are headed to P.erdido Beach for a long weekend with my family. We don’t come home til Tuesday afternoon! That’s four days of sunshine (hopefully), books, bike rides, crawfish sandwiches at the best hole-in-the-wall seafood shack in O.range Beach, cooking dinners in the condo, more reading, and hopefully finishing my wedding photo album with my mom. (Yes, I’m a slacker. We’ve been married for two and a half years and my wedding photos are still in a manila envelope! Shame.)


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Enjoy your break and your vacation!

P.S. I love the book Knowing God!
P.P.S. We’ve been married 5 1/2 years, and while our wedding album is done (minus that one photo that was printed incorrectly and I’ve never gotten around to reprinting so there’s a big blank page halfway through the album), I am still working on a scrapbook for our engagement. Waaaaay back when, I vowed this would be my last scrapbook until we had kids. I’ve had more time to finish it than I expected. Snort.

Comment by andrea_jennine

It sounds like you have a wonderful, carefree summer ahead of you. It took me ~9 months to be mentally ready for IVF (found out we might need it as soon as we got back semen analysis results with abnl morphology in 6/07, didn’t seen an RE until 10/07, and then fiddled around with IUIs through 3/08…) I think that if it is the “right” decision for you, you will be really ready for it at some point. By the time it did it, it felt like no big deal and just another step I needed to take to be a mom. I hope this makes sense.

We had one friend and one relative make “wedding albums” for us (with candid photos), but I have never ordered any of the photos from the actual photographer. Yikes! I hope you have a great weekend at the beach. It sounds really relaxing and fun.

Comment by sarah23

Don’t know how that weird smilie got into my post. I didn’t put it there, and I wouldn’t know how do it even if I wanted to. How strange!!

Comment by sarah23

Hi, saw your explanation for the smilie. The funny thing is, I think it was supposed to be a “real” end parenthesis for that phrase and I don’t think I would have put a semicolon there. Oh well, no big deal! 😉 <– that was a real one now!

Comment by sarah23

Enjoy your weekend away at the beach, and on your ttc break this summer.
I finished my wedding scrapbbok about a year after being married, we are now going on 3 years in June.

Comment by Jenny

Enjoy your mini vacation – you deserve it. Sounds like you have a lot of big decisions coming up – I’ll be thinking about you.

Comment by mrslala

Thinking of you and hoping youre time was fun and relaxing.

Comment by wishing4one

Have a great vacation! I freaked a little when my re mentioned IVF too. That was my back-up plan, it was always there to catch me. It was scary to have to put the back up into action! Here from NCLM.

Comment by Kim

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