Two Years and Counting

April 28, 2008, 10:36 am
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Today is CD 2 for me. I started my period yesterday. (It didn’t flaw the wonderful weekend at the beach however, except for wicked cramps yesterday.) The longer luteal phase plan didn’t work out like Dr. I wanted it to, but she has another couple of months to see if she can get that worked out. Our plan is to stick with the acupuncture for the next two months and skip the ART doctors. M and I do have an appointment with our main doctor, Dr H, in mid-May to reevaluate and see what she thinks our next steps should be. I’ll let her know that we’re sitting on the sidelines for a little while and may or may not jump back in the game with her. My sincere prayer is that God allows us to conceive while we’re “on a break” (keeping with the acup though) thus allowing us to get pregnant without meds or IVF. That’s where I am right now, and I pray he’ll honor that.

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Posts titled CD1, 2, or 3 always make me sigh disappointedly. But I pray that your prayers are granted during these next few months of a break from the medical treatments.

Comment by andrea_jennine

oh, I’m so sorry! i was hoping!

Comment by glenna

I really hope that the “break” gives you some fantastic results. I’ll be following along and thinking of you!

Comment by sarah23

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