Two Years and Counting

April 24, 2008, 2:08 pm
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I had another appt with the acupuncturist yesterday. I told her about already having felt my tell-tale cramps that always signify my impending period, and I showed her my screwy chart. She wasn’t too happy with it, as I knew she wouldn’t be. Her idea was to get my temperatures to stay relatively stable—and high—during my LP. Previously, they’d made the jump up after ovulation, but they kind of see-sawed up and down in the high temp range. She wanted a big jump, and then a fairly steady line. She put the needles in places that would help stimulate the kidney yang—which in eastern medicine is similar to the progesterone in western medicine that keeps your temp up in the LP. Since this has been my first cycle with acup, we both were interested in seeing if my LP looked different this time. Nope. It’s gone up, down, up, down. The “down” temperatures have still been higher than my follicular phase (above the “coverline”), but they haven’t stayed stable. She took one look at the chart and said, “Wah.” She said it could be worse, but definitely could be better. I was sort of hoping for a, “Oh, look at this, and this—definitely shows you could be pregnant!” However, she didn’t say, “Oh well, better luck next time,” which I was thankful for. She just said we’d wait and see.

Yesterday morning, my temp jumped back up to 98.4, and today, I did notice that it was higher than it’s ever been—ironically, it was 98.6—isn’t that what a human’s normal body temperature is supposed to be? Maybe the acup did something good yesterday. But the high temps only matter if there’s actually an embryo in there. I’m telling myself that judging by this cycle’s history, I could very well be back at 97.9 tomorrow, and to not get too attached to that high temp. Oh, how life is dictated by my purple plastic thermometer!

We’re leaving for the beach tomorrow at noon. Oh, remember how I said one of my two week wait distractions would by my Thursday night tv shows? Well, our lovely satellite tv decided to go out this week (last Friday, actually) and the people didn’t have an opening to come check it out until Monday! So we’ve been tv-less all week…which has actually been really nice. I’ve gotten to work every day this week much earlier than I usually do. This whole time, I’ve just thought I’m a slow person, but it turns out that I can get ready for work pretty quickly when I’m not distracted by the Today show! But now that it’s Thursday, I’m pretty bummed I won’t be able to veg on the couch with The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, LOST, and ER tonight. I can’t be too bummed though, because I think we can watch these shows online, so that’s very nice…except for the commercials we won’t be able to fast forward through! (It sounds like I watch a whole lot of tv…but really, all my tv takes place on Thursday night. I don’t regularly watch anything else.)

Hope you all have a good weekend.

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Isn’t that funny about the 98.6 “normal” body temp thing? Charting showed me that I have really low temps – 96ish pre-ovulatory and 97-ish post-ovulatory. The “normal” 98.6 is practically a fever for me!

Enjoy the beach!

Comment by andrea_jennine

I still think your temp seems promising. Don’t give up yet!

I think the 98.6 thing is an average temp at any time of day (ie after walking around, etc), NOT your basal body temp (which is theoretically taken after hours of rest, when your temp is at its lowest).

Personally, I know that my temp has hit 99.9F in the late afternoon/early evening during my luteal phase. Not a fever though… in the medical field we really consider a fever to be 100.5 and above.

A few months back, a young woman was actually admitted to the hospital to investigate her “fevers of unknown origin.” The reasoning was that she probably had Munchausen’s and was somehow fabricating the fevers. Well, they actually documented her evening temps in the high 99’s and started to think that maybe there was indeed some kind of occult infection or other disease. I suggested that she was probably just in her luteal phase, but I don’t think that the medical team really bought in to my idea. I never did hear what happened with her case.

Comment by sarah23

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