Two Years and Counting

Distract Me
April 17, 2008, 3:41 pm
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My Distractions During This Two-Week Wait:

1. I’m feverishly working through And Then We Came to the End, a book about the culture of an ad agency in Chicago. The author must have worked in an office setting prior to becoming an author, because his observations about life in t he office are so accurate. He’s even mentioned things, small things like everyone saying “Thank you” at the end of a meeting, that made me realize there actually are other offices that are as strange as mine is.
2. M and I are walking our dog most days after work. I’m not really sure what I’m allowed to do as far as exercise, but I can’t cut out walking. I mean, women all through history have gotten and stayed pregnant while continuing to work in the fields, the kitchen, the house, factory, etc. Surely walking my dog isn’t too strenuous of an activity.
3. Tonight is the next NEW episode of The Office and ER. I think tonight’s episode of The Office will be better than last week. While funny, I can only stomach so much of Jan’s psychosis and Michael’s inability to stand up to her. Tonight they’re back in the actual office, which is where most of the hilarity happens anyway. As for ER, I’m mystified as to why I watch this incredibly depressing show. I think it’s just a matter of loyalty. I’ve been watching it since 11th grade and I feel like I know these characters (the ones who’ve been around a while, anyway) and the actual ER so well, I have to see how it all plays out. I can’t quit this close to the end.
4. I think we’re going to our nephew’s first tee-ball game Friday night. Nothing like watching little tots swinging at tee-balls and running the wrong way around the bases.
5. This weekend is planting time. We’ve waited as long as we can to make sure there are no more cold snaps, and I think we had our last one last weekend. We need to plant annuals in our front porch containers and window boxes. It’s always fun for me to pick out spring flowers. The temperature Sunday is supposed to be 80°, so that’ll be wonderful!
6. Next week, LOST comes back on Thursday nights, as does Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t watch a ton of tv, but I always look forward to Thursday nights, especially now that the darn writers’ strike is over.
7. Last but not least, we’re headed to the beach next Friday at noon. A little slice of paradise for the weekend. If I start my period around 11 or 12 days after ovulation like I usually do, I’ll start while at the beach, so at least I’ll have sunshine and water to soften the blow.


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Those all sound like pleasant distractions!

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