Two Years and Counting

Lucky #4?
April 14, 2008, 3:20 pm
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Well, in a very strange turn of events, I’m now scheduled for iui #4 tomorrow.

The day after my blood work (and my risen temperature) showed that I’d most likely already ovulated (although now looking back, the blood work numbers weren’t conclusive by any means) my temp was low again. And it was low the next day, and the next. After the first unexpected low temp, I sort of mentally washed my hands of the cycle and thought it was pretty much over. When I saw the still-low temp this morning, I just rolled my eyes, but still didn’t agonize over it.

On a whim, and because I was really curious about what happened, I scheduled an ultrasound today on my lunch break so I could see if I’d already ovulated and maybe my thermometer is broken, or if my body had decided it just didn’t want to ovulate this cycle. I figured Dr. I. the acupuncturist would want to know that information. Well, lo and behold, there was a pretty large follicle (larger than I’ve had so far) just sitting there gaping at us on the monitor. The nurse practitioner said she couldn’t be 100% positive that I hadn’t ovulated because, while the follicle looks large and my lining was thick and still triple-layered (good signs), there appeared to be a little fuzziness around the perimeter of the follicle, which sometimes indicates that ovulation has already occurred, and what appears to be the follicle is actually the corpus luteum. At any rate, she went ahead and gave me the HCG shot, saying if the blood work showed that I’d already ovulated, having had the shot wouldn’t hurt anything. Then she shuffled me down to the lab, and said to check my patient voice mail later in the day to see if we were ok to go ahead with the iui. She said the kicker is the progesterone. If it’s less than 3, it means I haven’t ovulated, over 3 means it’s already happened and there wouldn’t be an iui.

The results showed progesterone sitting at 1.4, so we’re on. Enter cautious hopefulness.

In other news, I went on a leadership retreat this weekend with some people from my church. On Saturday night, we played a pretty rowdy game of C.atch P.hrase. If you’ve played C.atch P.hrase before, you know that you have to describe a word without saying the actual word, and there’s a timer beeping away, adding lots of pressure. The disk got to the guy next to me and his word was FOLLICLE! I laughed inwardly when he started saying “Something a hair grows from.” I was so glad I didn’t have that word! Knowing my luck, I would have completely blanked on any definitions of follicle other than “WHAT I HOPE IS GROWING IN MY OVARY!”


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Oh, wonderful! I really hope this is it for you. And I would have totally forgotten any other definition of the word “follicle” when playing C.atch P.hrase; thankfully, I’ve educated most of my friends on what a follicle is in the reproductive world!

Comment by andrea_jennine

I’d love to be a fly on the wall if your had got the follicle word.

Comment by Grace

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