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Third dr. visit in a week
April 10, 2008, 3:50 pm
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Wouldn’t you know, it looks like I ovulated yesterday, the one day this week I didn’t go for an ultrasound, specifically because we figured there’s no way I’d ovulate yesterday, judging by how small the follicles were (and how low my estradiol was) on Tuesday. My BBT this morning had risen, which was the first clue. Then the blood work this morning confirmed it.

Oh well, just another piece of evidence that I’m not in control of this process. I’m taking a bit of comfort in the fact that we did what we were supposed to do Tuesday night, so at least there’s that.

I find it strange that the first cycle I’m seeing the acupuncturist is the first cycle that’s been totally wacky for me. The nurse practitioner said it’s a coincidence, and I’m sure it is, but it is strange to me. I’ll ask Dr. I. (the L.Ac.) about it next week when I go back.

**If any of you have done acupuncture, did you have any strange or out of the ordinary cycle fluctuations when you started?**


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Oh, bummer about the wonky cycle! I’m still praying for the desired result.

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