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Needles and yang and qi, oh my
March 31, 2008, 3:47 pm
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I had my first acupuncture appointment today. My initial reaction is that it was not nearly as weird as I thought it’d be. I had filled out about 12 pages of paperwork for her before the appt—everything from medical history to whether my hands or feet sweat. We went over those checklists and my cycle charts for the first half hour or so. The charts were particularly helpful to her. She said she can tell the most from temperatures throughout the cycles. So those days when I forget to temp aren’t very helpful to her. She said there were key days that she would have loved to know what my temp was, but I’d forgotten to take it. But from the days I did temp (which have been most days), it looks to her like my high temps don’t stay as regular as she’d like. I ovulate and my temp rises, but it doesn’t stay steady—there’s quite a bit of dipping and rising again (even though the nurses have said my progesterone levels have been good). She’s going to try to correct that so that the high temps are higher and stay high the entire luteal phase. She also said because I ovulate late (around day 17 or 18) and tend to have an 11 or 12 day luteal phase, she’s going to work on making my follicular phase shorter so I ovulate earlier, therefore making my luteal phase longer.

She also commented on my “yes” checkmarks in the area of coldness. I tend to get cold easily, have cold hands and feet, and generally feel colder than the people around me. I usually think this is just because I’m a small person and don’t have much insulation to keep me warm, but she said it has to do in part with my kidney yang deficiencies. (I’m not even going to try to learn all this yang-qi-yong lingo.)

So, after the discussion, she said, “I know what I’m going to do.” She took me back to the treatment room and told me to take my shoes off. I laid down on the table with a pillow propped under my knees and a heater at my feet (to add warmth to my yang, or something). She inserted only about 9 needles—2 in my scalp, one in my forehead, two in my abdomen, one on each wrist, and one on each foot. And amazingly, they didn’t hurt. I could feel them going in, but it wasn’t pain, just a tiny prick. Then she turned the lights off and left. I was hyper aware of everything I was feeling, nervous that I’d start feeling dizzy. I have a tendency to get dizzy sometimes, and I’d overheard a lady in the waiting area tell another lady that she was really dizzy after her session and didn’t want to get in the car and drive. That freaked me out a little. But no dizziness for me. I just felt different twinges and vague aches through the 25 minutes. And not bad aches—just small aches here and there at the needle points, especially the one in my forehead. Every once in a while, I’d feel what felt like energy coursing through a certain part of my body, like my foot or my arm. That was strange. Towards the end, my body felt kind of heavy, like it was melting into the table. Then it was over. She came in and removed the needles, I sat up and felt remarkably fine. Not really tingly, not dizzy. She said she’d see me next week, and that was that.

Even now, I don’t feel anything particularly strange or different. I have a slight headache, but that’s probably due feeling kind of sinus-y the last few days. I have another appt next Monday. Since she said this should make me ovulate earlier, I’m wondering if it’ll affect this current cycle. If it does, it could mean that I ovulate before even seeing her next week.

Again, I’m trying to find the balance between being hopeful that this will work—or that God will work through this—and not getting my hopes up too much. I’ve read a lot of accounts of people getting pregnant the first month they try acupuncture, but then again, I also read plenty of accounts of people getting pregnant after just one IUI, and obviously that didn’t happen for us. Here’s hoping though.


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thanks for sharing all the details. that was very interesting! i’ve always wanted to try acup., but i don’t know if there are any around here that would examine my charts, etc. most of the ones here are at chiropractor’s offices so i dont’ know if they would look at my fertility (or lack thereof).
i hope it helps you ovulate sooner; if it does, i might be looking into it. we have male factor IF, but i have long cycles (this last one was almost 40 days long).

Comment by glenna

Very interesting; I look forward to hearing more about your TCM experiences.

Comment by andrea_jennine

That’s interesting. I’ve gone back & forth on the acupuncture thing but could never talk myself into actually going for a session. Hope it helps.

Comment by Grace

I hope the acupuncture helps!

Comment by soapchick

I came across your blog, I can say that I understand how you feel with the journey of ttc.My husband and I have been ttc since December of 2006. I am interested to hear if the acupuncture works, I have thought about it myself. Good Luck. I will check back later. Feel free to come and visit my blog.

Comment by Jenny

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