Two Years and Counting

Drinking Deeply
March 12, 2008, 1:51 pm
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I posted this today on my other blog, but thought I’d post it here as well, as I hope it will serve as encouragement to you all.

Someone I know is going through a pretty tragic time in her life, yet she’s approaching it with so much grace and strength, it’s pretty unfathomable to me. I’ve never experienced a death close to me—all my grandparents are still alive, I’ve never lost a friend, my family is in mostly good health, etc. I don’t know how I’ll handle the death of someone close to me. If ever I think about it (which I don’t usually, but hearing her story makes me thinking about it a little) I tend to think that I’ll probably need some sort of therapy to help me move through it. Especially in the case of the unexpected and sudden death of a parent.

This post isn’t about death, though, it’s about life and how beautiful it can be despite the possibility of it ending. This friend has a website through which she’s keeping her friends and family updated on the situation. Today, she wrote this: We will not give way to fear of the future, but with deep confidence that God will meet us there, we embrace the present. We plan to laugh a lot, love a lot, and drink deeply of God’s beauty. I believe that is God’s heart for us….for you.

I don’t think I’m that encouraging to people at any point, much less when I’m going through my own personal trial. She’s been such an encouragement to those close her, and to those who are just reading the story through the website. Her words are incredibly uplifting to me, and it helps me put my own trials in perspective. Today is what matters. Not to sound trite, but none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Yet, for many of us, the thought of tomorrow is what furrows our brow and tenses our shoulders.

Another friend and I were talking last week about worrying. While she said she tends to worry over her past and has trouble moving on, I confessed that my worries always lie with the future. I worry about things that haven’t happened, that may never happen. Some of them very well may come to light, but I worry about them before their time. I make tomorrow’s troubles today’s. That’s something I’m really working on overcoming. I want to embrace the present and all of its goodness, not fearing the future and what may or may not be. There’s so much beauty and life and richness in every day—I need to focus on those things and not let my mind wander into realms that aren’t promised to me, realms that I have no business trying to figure out before their time. Lord, help me let go of my future and trust you to take care of it, and me.


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