Two Years and Counting

March 11, 2008, 3:12 pm
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Today I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the kindness of people. First off, my IUI was this morning, and everything went well. Dr. A. did the procedure, and he was just so kind. When he walked in, he said I looked familiar to him, and I said it was because he did my IUI last month. He said, “Well, I guess that one didn’t work, did it?” I said no but maybe this one would.

As before, the procedure lasted all of 10 seconds and was virtually painless. When he was leaving the room, he said, “I wish you the best of luck.” He just sounded so genuine, even though he does those procedures every day and to so many women. It made me feel like the doctors and nurses in this program really want their patients to get pregnant, and for reasons other than the fact that successful pregnancies are good for their statistics.

They let me lie there for about 20 minutes, then that was it. The nurse at check-out said I didn’t need to make any other appointments, which I’m questioning now. They usually schedule me for a progesterone check a week after the IUI. I called and left a message after I left to make sure I didn’t need that test. My levels have been fine every other time, so maybe they’re thinking it’s unnecessary.

At lunch, I decided to make a call to my insurance company. The financial dept of the doctors’ office is nice enough to figure out most of our IF-related insurance for us, but they haven’t been able to find information on whether or not initial testing and diagnosis is included in my lifetime maximum for IF treatment. I was dreading the phone call because typically phone calls to customer service reps aren’t a walk in the park. The girl I spoke with put me on hold for a little while after I told her what I needed. While I was listening to the canned advertisements on the hold line, I was expecting her to come back on and say, “I’m sorry I can’t help you with that.” (Honestly, the last time I called BC.BS, the lady basically could give me no information about coverage and said I needed to call someone else, but couldn’t tell me who.) This time, when the lady finally came back on the line, she actually gave me some helpful information, then said she’d mail me the coverage benefits. As we were getting off the phone, she said, “I really hope everything works out for you.” I was so surprised to hear that.

About 20 minutes later, my phone rings and it’s the customer service girl again! She called to say she’d been looking for my coverage information since we got off the phone but couldn’t find what I needed, and she wanted to let me know so I wouldn’t expect it in the mail. She told me what to tell the doctors’ office to help them find the information. I just couldn’t believe she went through the trouble of finding my number to call me back. Sometimes life can surprise you.

And so begins the two week wait. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill it with enough things to keep me from obsessing over twinges and feelings. Although I will say it’s nice to know from the get-go that the HCG shot can sometimes fool you into thinking you feel pregnancy symptoms because of the hormone itself. It won’t fool me this time.

(Speaking of the HCG, I’m happy to report that my hip wasn’t sore at all yesterday after the shot. Last month, I was almost limping by the end of the day, but yesterday, nothing. Maybe the nurse was more skilled in giving that shot. Kuddos to her.)


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I so hope the third one is the charm!! I’ll be anxiously awaiting your results. I hope these 2 weeks fly by for you….I know the waiting can be a nightmare. 🙂

Comment by glenna

I had my IUI yesterday too…and another today. Glad yours went well and everyone was nice yesterday!

Comment by soapchick

Hooray for human kindness! It’s a gift from God, no matter who it comes from. And I’m so glad the HCG shot didn’t make your hip sore this time around; I thought that was such a weird side effect… May this IUI be successful!

Comment by andrea_jennine

I’m glad everything went smoothly. It sounds like you have good thoughts and wishes from a lot of people… Add me to that group!

Comment by sarah23

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