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Another beginning
February 25, 2008, 11:56 am
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Despite the fact that my temps plummeted Saturday morning and our partly cloudy forecast for Saturday turned into all cloudy and hovering around 40 degrees, M and I had a rather nice weekend. Saturday I coerced him into running errands with me. We went to Old Navy and did a little spring clothes shopping (half of which I’m returning today) then went to Target to buy another set of blinds for our living room and the boardgame Clue. I got distracted in the clothes section and ended up buying a black linen dress that’s floaty and ruffly at the bottom and will be perfectly cool on hot summer days. I’ll probably live in it all summer. I also bought a little gray sweater that I’m returning today. (I’m the queen of returning clothes I buy. I think it’s a combination of self-imposed guilt and them not looking as cute as I thought they would once I get home and try them on.)

After those stops I tried to talk him into “swinging by” (it wasn’t really on the way home) Hancock Fabric, but compromised on Hobby Lobby so we could stop by Whole Foods first (which was on the way home). M was having a guys’ night on Saturday and wanted to pick up a customized 6 pack of beer (you can choose different beers to go in your 6 pack.) At Hobby Lobby, I chose a red fabric with white polka dots that I liked at the time, but now I think it’ll look like Minnie Mouse when I turn in into a little girl’s dress. (I’m taking an Intermediate Sewing class where we’re making small kids clothes-appropriate, right?–from a pattern. I wanted to learn how to make bags and pillows and such, but instead I’m making cute little dresses. It’s ok though–our child will wear them one day, whether it’s a boy or girl!)

When we got home, we made peanut butter sandwiches and went upstairs (where it’s warmer) and played Clue on the floor, celebrating said plummeting temperature with a cold Blue Moon pale ale. Then I promptly fell asleep. I’m such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. Not that I used to drink all that much, but now with TTC, I can hardly drink a single anything without falling asleep. Usually I just avoid it all together, but I really thought I deserved it on Saturday, and the dreary cold weather outside was begging for a nap, so why not?

Sunday, after a quick rain shower, turned into a gorgeous sunny day, much warmer than Saturday. The best part? M made me breakfast! He’s a honey, I’ll tell you. Scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits. We ate while reading the paper, as we usually do on Sunday mornings. After taking our wild animal Caesar out on a walk, we spent the next few hours pulling weeds in the front yard. Our yard had turned into quite a weed patch and it was getting out of hand. After about the second hour of pulling, we both decided the $300 it’ll cost to re-sod the yard with St. Augustine instead of flimsy Zoyzia will be well worth it. My fingers are still sore today.

On the TTC front, I talked to the nurse this morning. I’d left a message on the nurse voicemail line yesterday letting them know I started my period and not to expect me for my beta test today. I thought it was very nice that the first thing the nurse said to me this morning was, “Well, first of all, I’m sorry.” They’re always quick to say good luck when I’m there for my IUIs, and it was nice to hear her say I’m sorry as well. She told me that I didn’t need to come in for CD3 blood work if I’m doing another natural cycle, and she didn’t see any reason for me to do anything other than another natural cycle. She said my estradial and progesterone levels have looked great, my follicles have been the right size, and I’m ovulating on my own, so she didn’t see a reason to start on meds. I was relieved to hear that. I knew Dr H had suggested we try 3 or 4 IUIs, but I wasn’t sure if that meant all 3 or 4 without meds, or if she’d eventually switch me to taking a drug. I’d rather not take any meds until there’s a medically (or reproductively) necessary reason to take them.

We talked about M’s numbers a bit, since she pointed out that we’re a bit more focused on him at this point. For some reason she didn’t have his count from the last IUI in my file, but I told her that the doctor who performed the IUI told me it was a much higher number than the first IUI. (I couldn’t remember at the time, but it was 15 million.)

I mentioned to her how I had the trigger on Saturday but didn’t ovulate until sometime on Monday and how that worried me a bit. She said they don’t do it often, but that it is possible to do a second IUI 24 hours after the first one. But on the other hand, she said even though I ovulated somewhere between 24 and 48 hours after the IUI, the sperm really should have been ok. Then she mentioned how this is not an exact science, that’s why they call it ART, etc. I was sort of relieved to hear her say that. It’s nice to hear it acknowledged that even though these doctors and nurses are skilled at what they do, they still are not the creators of life. I’d be sort of scared if they were.

So our plan is to “stay the course.” We’re going to track this cycle again, I’ll call when I have a surge then we’ll start the ball rolling again. From my calculations, I think this is cycle 15 for us. My 6th cycle of tracking temps and such, but 15th of actually trying to conceive. Maybe this will be the lucky one.


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I’m sorry. I was really hoping for you. I’m glad to hear that the nurse was comforting. You sound like you are taking it extremely well. Good luck on the upcoming cycle. Hopefully it will be timed more accurately. I’ll be undergoing an unmedicated IUI in two short months – hopefully we’ll have enough swimmers to try!

Comment by Steph

I’m sorry. But like you said in your title, it is a new beginning. Sounds like you still managed to have a lovely weekend!

Comment by andrea_jennine

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