Two Years and Counting

Tomorrow is on.
February 9, 2008, 11:02 am
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Well, the race is off, but it’s ok.  Obviously, it’s ok because it means we may get pregnant instead, but I’m really glad M’s ok with it.

I went in this morning for the u/s and b/w. The nurse said my lining looked “beautiful” and I had one large follicle on the left side.  It measured 1.77 (centimeters, I think?) and they round that up to 1.8, which is what they want the follicle to be.  I got the HCG shot in the rear–I haven’t had a shot since I was a kid, so I was a little nervous about how much it would hurt. It was fine, although my hip is a little sore now.  M goes in at 7:30 tomororw, and I’ll go in sometime after that, depending on what my bloodwork tells us.

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Yay!! My clinic gives those numbers in mm instead of cm, so you had an 18 mm follicle!! That’s great! I really hope that you guys get pregnant… Definitely worth missing a race for!

Comment by sarah23

17-20 mm is exactly where follicles should be for trigger. I pray the IUI goes well for you and brings about the desired result!

Comment by andrea_jennine

Best wishes Lauren, hope this is the one for you! God Bless

Comment by soapchick

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