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CD4 results
January 30, 2008, 1:34 pm
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Yesterday I had my CD4 u/s and b/w to check antral follicles and my FSH and estradiol levels. This generally happens on CD3, I believe, but that fell on Monday, and I’d left a message over the weekend telling them I’d started my period and that Monday would be my CD3. They ended up not calling me back til late in the day on Monday, and said the 4th day would be fine.

The u/s went well. The nurse said my ovaries looked “good and healthy,” my lining was thin, as it was supposed to be, and it looked like I had around 8 or 9 antral follicles on each side, with each follicle measuring less than 1 cm. I was originally thinking 16-18 follicles sounded like a huge amount, and it made me glad I’m not doing any meds this cycle so as to not stimulate that many eggs. But when I got back to the office and looked up on Dr Google what the normal amount of antral follicles is, I was surprised to read that the “normal” amount is anywhere from 10-30. So I guess my 16-18 isn’t really all that huge. But the nurse seemed to think that number was fine.

I got my b/w results later in the day. My estradiol level was 34.7 (they want it to be less than 100) and my FSH was 11.9 (they want it to be less than 12.5.) So we’re on for the natural cycle with IUI and the HCG trigger shot. Now, I’m just praying the big day doesn’t coincide perfectly with Matt’s marathon on Feb. 10th. This is his first marathon and he’s pretty excited about it. It would happen that Feb 10 will be my CD 17 which is when I’ve ovulated 3 out of the last 4 months. He said if that happens and he has to come in and give a “sample” on that day, he’ll just miss the race. I’m just praying it doesn’t come to that.


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Glad to hear that your baseline stuff all looks good. I’ve had “day 3” scans and bloodwork anywhere between day 2 and day 5, so it doesn’t seem like the day is super critical. I hope the IUI timing works out the way you’d like – I love how you and Matt both want to serve each other, you wanting him to be able to run the marathon, and he simply committed to skip the race for the sake of your IUI.

(P.S. Thanks for the tag; I hope to post my 6 things sometime this week.)

Comment by andrea_jennine

If it is getting down to the wire and you’re worried about the marathon thing, then maybe he could go in a day or two beforehand and have his sample frozen. I know that fresh is better, but at least with frozen you could have the IUI and he wouldn’t miss the marathon.

Comment by Jennifer

Ooooh, I hate dealing with timing things perfectly. I’m already stressing about the timing of my IUI, too. I’m hoping it will be either this weekend, Tuesday, or Monday…and hopefully NOT next Wednesday. Yikes. I’m glad your husband is being so nonchalant about the possibility of skipping his marathon.

Thanks for tagging me! I think I’ll be able to write up a post sometime this weekend! 🙂

Comment by sarah23

Best of luck with this one! I am glad to see you are doing the trigger! =)

Comment by Katie

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