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January 22, 2008, 9:50 am
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I’ve been gone for several days—I was out of town for a wedding, then was off work for MLK Jr Day yesterday, and I took a break from posting on those days. As expected, I started feeling some cramps on Sunday, which is about a week before when my period would come if it were coming, which I’m almost positive it is. Those week-before cramps are always a signal of what’s to come. I do think this cycle was a good learning experience though. Some of your comments have made me realize some things I need to ask the doctor about tomorrow when M and I go back to talk to her further. I’m going to ask if we can do the trigger shot next cycle, but without meds. I’d still like to try again without any drugs, but that trigger shot sounds good to me, just to ensure that at least the IUI is timed well (see my question below about trigger shots). I’m hoping she’ll say ok to me not going on the drugs yet.

I’m also going to ask her about coming in when I see only a faint line on the opk. I understand they don’t want to miss the surge, but I think they risk doing the IUI too early when they’re going by the faint line. The line I saw this cycle was very faint, but I went in anyway, and they did the IUI the next day. The problem was I didn’t ovulate for at least another 24 hours. I guess if they do the trigger shot, the opks are unnecessary, but I’ll ask anyway. What I want to know is how the trigger helps them time it better. Doesn’t the trigger make you ovulate within the next 24-36 hours? How is that better than the opk (if you go by the dark line)? And how to they know when to time the IUI in that 24-36 hour range? For those of you who’ve done an IUI with the trigger shot, how soon after the trigger did you go in for the IUI?

I’m also going to ask the doctor about M’s sperm levels. The analysis he did over the summer showed normal levels, but most were at the low end of normal. Except for concentration. Concentration was very good. I feel like I have to bring this subject up with him very carefully because I understand for a man, it’s a touchy subject. M’s been so great about testing when he needs to, providing a “sample” when asked to, being very supportive, etc. I just don’t want to offend him by asking the doctor to be very specific and honest about his levels and whether or not there’s a problem there. Triathlon season is coming up too, and I need to know if it’s wise for him to start his training back. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be comfortable with him training for those until I get pregnant. If his levels were sky high, that’d be a totally different subject, and I’d probably be fine with him getting back on the bike and training, but since they’re not, I’m not looking forward to having the triathlon conversation.


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Lauren – unfortunately I can’t answer any of your questions on the trigger since I’ll be doing one for the first time in about 12 days! Can’t they just do ultrasounds on you to check your egg rather than having you rely on the stick? Regarding the SA, if the concentration was really good, and he was within the normal range on morphology and motility, then that means he’s got A LOT of good swimmers. I wouldn’t worry about that, however training heavily for a triathalon – especially the biking part can affect his sperm.

Comment by soapchick

The trigger shot is meant to cause ovulation at almost exactly 36 hours after it is received. When we did IUIs, I was given instructions to trigger within a certain window of time one evening, and then to come in for the IUI in the morning two days later (i.e. trigger Friday evening, IUI Sunday morning). The timing isn’t quite as critical for IUIs as it is for IVFs – IUI can be within that 24-36 hour range after trigger, while egg retrieval needs to be precisely 36 hours after trigger (at least that’s how my clinic worked). I never did OPKs, but I assume the trigger shot makes ovulation significantly more predictable. Hope that helps! (And I pray that you’re wrong about the import of the current cramping, and that all this information ends up being unnecessary for you!)

Comment by andrea_jennine

Hmmmm….cramping about a week after your IUI could also be “implantation pain.” I’m hoping for you.

My husband has definite sperm issues. It has helped that one of his good friends had similar issues and now has new healthy kids through IVF. I think it made him feel like MFI can happen to normal guys. However, from what you said, it sounds like your husband’s parameters might be near-perfect anyway. 🙂

Comment by sarah23

I still haven’t given up hope for you this cycle, but if it doesn’t work out then I’m glad you are asking the doctor about the timing thing. Do they monitor your follicle growth with ultrasound? That’s what most RE’s do, and then they’ll trigger you when you have at least 1 follie that is mature regardless of whether you have a positive OPK. The ultrasounds will also give you an idea as to whether your body is producing a strong follicle on its own, which may help you decide whether to use medications in future cycles.

Comment by Jennifer

I’ve had IUI twice (fell pregnant and miscarried the first one). Each time I’ve had insemination within less than 24 hours. Ie trigger shot the night before, insemination around midday the next day.

Comment by Bells

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