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Quick Update
January 17, 2008, 10:27 am
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I had my progesterone level checked this morning at 7:45. I decided that having my blood taken at 7:45 is a good way to ensure I actually get to work on time! It only took about 3 minutes, so I was out the door and on the way to work earlier than I would have been if I’d been doing my regular morning routine at home. I’ll find out my results later today. My guess is that they’ll say yes, I’ve ovulated, but then I’ll still just have to wait another 9-10 days to see if my period comes. M and I have a scheduled appt next week with Dr H to sit down and talk with her again. I want to get her opinion on my ovulation possibly being delayed this cycle, and whether or not it could have been due to stress. Have any of you ever had that happen? Delayed ovulation due to the stress? If Dr H thinks that’s what may have happened, I’ll need to figure out a way to keep myself from getting worked up next month. I definitely won’t plan on cooking dinner for the family the evening of the IUI! Maybe I’ll schedule a day of couch-lying, Ellen-watching, book-reading, and pumpkin break-baking.

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I’ve heard of it in theory, but I don’t have a real-life example of it happening. Now of course my O on unmedicated cycles is always delayed (e.g. CD 40 – 50) but I’m betting stress is not the culprit since my cycles have been like this since age 12.

Comment by Jennifer

I’ve had delayed ovulation before…..I imagine it has been from stress a few of those times. Women’s bodies tend to have a mechanism that clues your hormones into saying “wow, now might not be a great time to potentially get pregnant (i.e-ovulate)” ….it can happen to women who get ill or lose a lot of weight rapidly as well. However with the IUI I always, always, always do the trigger. GL on your P results!

Comment by Katie

Any word on the progesterone levels?
I was just reading back through your posts, and one thing stood out to me. You said that you had your IUI after your started seeing a “faint” surge line on the OPK? Was the line nearly as dark as the control line? I wonder if that’s what went wrong. Take a look at the OPKs on my blog entry dated 12/3/07. There is actually a faint line every single day, but it definitely got darker towards the end. In retrospect, I don’t even think that I ovulated until 2 days after those pictures (based on my temps).

Anyway, I really hope that you get pregnant this cycle…whether thru IUI or the old-fashioned way!

Comment by sarah23

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