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3 Days Past IUI
January 15, 2008, 10:50 am
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My temp had a sharp spike this morning, so at least I know I’ve o’d, even if it wasn’t when I thought. Now, my thinking is that the stress of the weekend (knowing the IUI would be Saturday morning, then planning a dinner Saturday night with M’s parents and sister and brother in law) got to me and possibly caused delayed ovulation. This is only my 4th month to be charting (we’ve been trying since January, but I was enlightened about charting and BBTs late in the summer) and in these cycles, I’ve o’d on time and regularly, with a nice rise in temps each time. Also, all my bookwork has come back with normal levels of everything so far. That’s why I think this delay in ovulation is stress-related.

The nurse ended up calling me late in the day yesterday, and I explained my concerns to her. In hindsight, I’m glad she called later in the day rather than early (even though yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t believe they hadn’t called me back yet when I left the message at 8:00 on the dot). I was pretty worked up yesterday morning, but by the time she called, I’d calmed down and had thought through things more (and had some good advice and encouragement from you all!) She said since I did a natural cycle with no trigger shot, there’s really no way for them to tell if I’d o’d until I come in for the progesterone check on Thursday, which is exactly what I thought she’d say. She said they don’t trust the temperature thing all the time because so many things can affect temps, which I also figured she’d say.

So, even though I don’t really know anything, my thinking is that this IUI was ineffective, since I’m thinking I may have o’d yesterday instead of Saturday. And although it’s really frustrating and disappointing, I know I need to chalk it up to the learning process. If I end up getting my period, then we’ll look towards next cycle. I’ve already decided I’ll ask the doctor if I can do another unmedicated cycle, but go ahead and do the trigger shot to ensure that I ovulate on time, so the IUI at least is well-timed.

I still have a smidge of hope for this cycle because of that small rise in temp on Sunday morning. It may be just blind hope that refuses to be squelched until I actually start my period, but still. Even though I know logically that the sharp rise in temp this morning most likely means I o’d yesterday, I’ll still hold on to that tiny hope until my period comes—or until this weekend if I get my usual week-before-period-starts cramps. Unfortunately, this weekend coincides with my childhood bestfriend’s wedding, in which I’m the matron of honor and in which I have to be perky enough to deliver a nice toast in front of 200 people at the rehearsal dinner.

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My temps always rise slowly rather than in one big spike. So maybe the IUI wasn’t timed too badly. Only time will tell. Yuck. How I loathe the waiting.

Comment by Jennifer

I missed the timing on my first IUI so I understand the feeling, but don’t think all is lost…even washed sperm can life for up to 72 hours. Since I’m new to your blog I need to go back and read up on your cycle because I am a bit confused as to why the P test is being done Thursday since that is only 5dpiui and only 3dpo if you think you O’d yesterday.

Oh, and hope can be a good thing…like Jennifer said, it could just be a slow rise, sometimes it takes a day or two for the P to build up enough in our system to cause a drastic change. GL!

Comment by Katie

Hey Katie. Actually, I think the P test may be a little early too–they’re thinking I o’d over the weekend, since that’s what I thought would happen, and they thought so too. Also, they may have checked it a couple days later than Thursday, but I’m leaving to go out of town Friday morning, so they said they’d check it Thursday. My guess is they’ll tell me to come back in on Monday to check it again.

Comment by Lauren

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