Two Years and Counting

January 14, 2008, 10:44 am
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So I’m feeling sort of dejected today. Remember how I said I hadn’t ovulated at the time of my IUI on Saturday? Well, when I took my temp yesterday (Sunday) I thought I’d ovulated because I had a temp rise. I knew in the back of my mind that it wasn’t as big of a rise as it usually is, it wasn’t over the coverline, but it still was an ok rise, so I figured that was a sign that I’d ovulated. I fully expected today’s temp to be even higher. Except it wasn’t. It dropped down a tenth of a degree. So now I’m wondering if I even ovulated. Which is really weird, seeing how the last 4 months, I’ve ovulated on my own, at a normal time, and the temp rises have been as they should be. It’s strange to me that the cycle in which I have my first procedure done is the first cycle I have something weird like this happen. I know stress can affect ovulation–either cause you to not ovulate or to have a delayed ovulation. I didn’t feel particularly stressed over the weekend–although I did cook dinner for my in laws Saturday night. But I had the cramping Saturday night which I figured had something to do with my ovulation.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty sad this morning, having to occasionally swallow down a lump in my throat. I’ve put in a call to a nurse at the doctor’s office so I can ask some questions. I have a feeling they’ll tell me to just wait until my appt on Thursday. I wasn’t even going to call, but I thought I’d go ahead and let them know what’s going on in case it’s possible for them to do an u/s or something to see if I’ve actually ovulated. If not, maybe they could do the IUI again? I just keep thinking that the insemination on Saturday was worthless if I didn’t ovulate when we thought I would.

Another thought is that maybe I did ovulate, but my progesterone is low, which is the reason for my low post-o temps. The book Taking Charge of your Fertility mentions low progesterone as a possible cause of low post-o temps, so I guess there’s a chance that’s the case here. Even though, again, in previous cycles, my high temps have been adequately high, which leads me to think progesterone was ok in those cycles.

I’m praying, but not sure what to pray for.


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Lauren – First thing – take a deep, cleansing breath and then let it all out. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t rely too much on your temps. One tenth is nothing and temp taking is so sensitive. Plus mine don’t dip before I ovulate – they are low, and then they rise, sometimes slowly. Maybe they can do another ultrasound before Thursday, but if not just don’t stress – that will make it worse. Also don’t even think about your progesterone until they test it on Thursday. Answer me a question – do you have really short periods? Do you ovulate around Day 14? If so, then how many more days pass until your period starts? If you had low progesterone, your luteal phase may be really short. Did they do an ultrasound on your before the IUI? If so how big was your follicle? 23 milimeters? 22? Just relax, you said yourself that this may not work out this month. Next month just do the IUI two days in a row, that’s what they normally suggest anyway. No matter what happens, just look at this month as a learning month. You are still learning a lot about your body. Okay sorry for the novel here, I just don’t want you to freak out. Do more deep breathing!

Comment by soapchick

Soapchick, you’re so right. Thanks a lot for the pep talk! I’ve been trying to talk myself through this for the last couple of hours, and believe me, I’ve been reminding myself a LOT that this is the very first procedure, and it’s totally a learning experience. Thanks for the encouragement.

Comment by Lauren

I agree with Soapchick; no need to be anxious or to take on tomorrow’s (possible) troubles. Just take it one step at a time.

Comment by andrea_jennine

There are a lot of things that can impact temps so try not to worry to much (I know, easier said than done…I’ve been there!). KatieM over at Life, Love and Infertility is going through the exact same thing after her IUI on Saturday. Maybe you two should confer and lend each other a little support!

Good luck, and hopefully everything will be okay!

Comment by Jennifer

i’m sorry this is hard for you. i’ve not been through this procedure, but can imagine the ups and downs are even worse than before… take a deep breath. i think you’re doing great!

Comment by Heather

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