Two Years and Counting

Digging in for the two week wait
January 13, 2008, 2:09 pm
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So, now I’m waiting.  I’m fairly used to the two week wait, but this time it feels different.  I’m still constantly reminding myself that it very well may not happen this time, but at least our chances are better than they have been the last 12 months. 

The IUI yesterday went very smoothly and easily. I was surprised by how quick it was.  A nurse showed me to the room, then Dr H. came in and did the actual insemination, which took less than a minute.  As soon as she said, “You might feel a little stick, or you might not,” it was over.  She told me M’s numbers were fine, that he gave a good “sample.” Then another nurse came in to do another ultrasound. At that point, I still hadn’t ovulated, but she could tell that my main follicle was smaller than it was on Friday, which made her think ovulation was close. I told her my temp hadn’t dipped that morning, so I knew I hadn’t ovulated yet, but that I expected it to be either yesterday or today. She said I still should be fine, because the sperm would stay in place and should live for 24-36 hours.  She actually said that sometimes, if a woman comes in and has her IUI, but then they find that she hasn’t ovulated, they’ll insist on them doing another one the next day.  We both decided that in my case, it wasn’t totally necessary because I felt confident I’d ovulate pretty soon, and if the sperm would still be there when I do, there was no need to do another insemination the next day (Sunday.) 

Last night I had some moderate cramping, which I don’t usually have.  I generally don’t have any kind of pain when I ovulate–or if I do, it’s so light I don’t really recognize it.  Last night was pretty different.  I guess the cramps could have been triggered by the procedure, or maybe it was actually ovulatory pain, because this morning my temp had risen, telling me I ovulated sometime between 7am yesterday and 7am today.  I’m thinking it was around the time I was cramping last night.  HOPEFULLY those sperm were very active and alert and when the egg was released, they were on their marks, ready to start swimming!

I’m scheduled to come back in on Thursday to check progesterone levels.  I’m still learning about all this, but from what i understand, if an egg is fertilized, progesterone is supposed to start being produced in order to protect the fertilized egg.  If there isn’t enough progesterone, the egg has trouble implanting.  From what I’ve read from some of your stories, you can take progesterone pills or shots to increase that hormone.  When I go in on Thursday, if my progesterone isn’t what it should be, I’m assuming that’ll mean next cycle they’ll plan to give me progesterone pills or something, and that this cycle will be a wash–I guess there’s nothing they can do to save a fertilitized egg 5 days after an IUI if the progesterone isn’t adequate.  I’m praying that all my levels and hormones and fluids and organs and everything else are all working properly and efficiently and as they should be to protect a fertilized egg–and that there’s a fertilized egg to protect!

One other thing to mention.  Since I made my decision last week to start letting a few more people in on our efforts to get pregnant, something really cool happened on Thursday.  I regularly meet with a friend for a bible study before work.  She and I didn’t know each other at all before we started this bible study, but have gotten to be friends in the 8 or so months that we’ve been meeting.  We’re the same age, and she and her husband have been married close to the same amount of time that M and I have been married.  She’s made some comments recently about wanting to start trying to conceive this year, but up until this week I’d kept quiet about our efforts.  So, on Thursday we got on the subject of how so many women at our church are pregnant, and I just decided to go ahead and tell her what we’ve been doing.  I told her we’d been trying since January of last year, and had just started seeing a doctor for IF.  She laughed and said they’ve been trying too and are in just about the same place we are!  I had no idea, and she had no idea about me, and we both were so relieved to have gotten it off our chests.  She and her husband are just a couple of months behind us–they started trying in March or so, and are about to call her doctor to start some testing.  She even goes to the same ob-gyn as I do.  I was so thankful that I said something to her, and that we can share this part of our lives with each other.


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Just a quick word on progesterone; your body will produce progesterone regardless of whether an egg is fertilized or not – the release of the egg from the follicle is what should signal to your body to start making higher levels of progesterone, which in turn helps to sustain a pregnancy if it occurs. Even if your levels are low when they are checked, don’t give up hope! Anything above 5 tells you that ovulation occurred; anything above 10 shows you that everything is working properly. If it’s under 10 (or in some cases 15), your doctor should suggest that you start progesterone supplementation right away. It won’t necessarily be too late, and the cycle won’t automatically be a wash. I’ve known people (who conceived the old fashioned way) who didn’t get their progesterone checked until 6-8 weeks into the pregnancy, had alarmingly low levels, started supplementation, and carried that baby right to full term. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about the progesterone stuff; it is my “specialty” in infertility.

Comment by andrea_jennine

I’m glad you opened up to your bible study friend! I’m looking forward to sharing your 2 week wait with you! God Bless.

Comment by soapchick

Thanks Andrea Jennine for the info. That’ll help me be more informed when I go back to the doctor on Thursday. And thanks for the encouragement! (Soapchick too!)

Comment by Lauren

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