Two Years and Counting

January 13, 2008, 10:10 pm
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I have a question for all you more learned in this than me.  For those of you who’ve had an IUI, do any of you ever take it a little easier in the two week wait?  Maybe holding back on exercising a little?  I’m just curious. I guess I feel like I want to give a fertilized egg (if there even is one) as good a chance as possible to implant. 

Even as I say that, I know that implantation really isn’t affected by exercise, and that you can resume normal activities.  My doctor even said so.  I don’t do super vigorous exercising–just a weights class (B.ody Pump at the Y.MCA) twice a week, then walking a few other days of the week.  Have any of you had a doctor tell you to rest a little more the couple of weeks after your IUI?



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Just don’t do running, boucing, or severe twisting. Walking and weights are good, but no situps and abdominal exerecises.

Comment by soapchick

My doctor never said to take it easier after an IUI (other than the first day or so, when you might experience cramping from the catheter). I think normal activity is fine.

Comment by andrea_jennine

Hey, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you found me =) It does sound like our IUI/temping situations are similar. Isn’t it crazy how our bodies act up when it’s the most important time for it NOT to. Mel called it Uterninus’ law 😉 As for the exercise thing I try and avoid things with lots of jumping and bouncing or heavy lifting. I still walk/run for 30 minutes a day though.

Comment by Katie

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