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Test Results
January 3, 2008, 5:04 pm
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Just a quick update: We got M’s SPA test results back, and they were excellent. He was supposed to have a number of at least 14, and his was 28.6. 100% of the eggs were penetrated, which means his swimmers are doing their job, which I know he’s excited about! This is good on one hand, because it means (at least I think it means) that we don’t have to immediately jump into IVF. But on the other hand, it means we’re still in the unexplained territory.

We’re scheduled to go back to the doctor on the 23rd, so I’m sure she’ll have other ideas for us then. In the meantime, I’m supposed to start the OPKs on CD12. As soon as I see even a faint second line, I’m supposed to call and report the LH surge, and show up at the office the next morning before 8:30 for more tests, and to check follicles (I think that’s right—I’m still learning all this lingo). Oh, and I’ll have to fast for 8 hours prior to seeing the doctor! That’ll be fun. I can’t remember right now what test the fasting is for—maybe PCOS? I really can’t remember. Since I’d already eaten on the day I had my initial tests, she said I could wait and do this particular test the next time I come in.

On another note, I’ve been reading through The Infertility Companion, and I love it. They explain things with such gentleness and clarity. They even get into some marital dynamics that’s helpful regardless of whether you’re dealing with IF or not. The information about how men and women process and handle things differently is immensely helpful. It’s stuff I really already knew, but it’s good to be reminded of it all, especially when I know M and I will probably handle emotional stress in very different ways. I really have no fears about us having marital trouble regardless of what happens, but it’s never a bad thing to brush up on how to be a more loving and accepting spouse!

More to come.

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Glad to hear your hubby’s test came back great, that’s a relief. Maybe IUI will work on the first try. Best wishes.

Comment by soapchick

well, that’s good news… but good news sometimes does produce more questions. i will pray for peace in the waiting…

Comment by Heather

Hooray for good results on the SPA! I’ve never done the fasting test, so I’m not sure what that is for (although they say that all blood tests for hormones and such are more likely to be accurate if done first thing in the morning before eating). I’m always fascinated by the follicle ultrasounds; I pester the tech to explain everything on the screen, because it’s so amazing to me to see the inner workings of my reproductive system like that! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Infertility Companion.

Comment by andrea_jennine

Thank goodness for the great results! That should ease your mind=) Hoping that the IUI will do the trick!

Comment by JJ

Very glad to hear Infertility Companion is a blessing to you. Your blog entry encouraged me today!

Comment by Sandra Glahn

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