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Getting Ready
December 10, 2007, 2:27 pm
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Today I’m gearing up for our first appointment with a fertility specialist. The appt is at 9:00 tomorrow morning. We’re supposed to get there 30 minutes early, which I’m presuming is so we can fill out even more paperwork. (We’ve already had to fill out and fax about 20 pages of paperwork.) I’m feeling good about the appointment, actually. I’m looking forward to getting some feedback on our situation, which is basically that we have no known medical issues that would be contributing to infertility, yet it’s been a year with no luck. And we’re young and healthy. I hope this doctor can shed some new light, or point us in the right direction. I also hope she doesn’t immediately want to put me on the track to have an invasive procedure, even though I know that’s a possibility. At this point, I just have to trust that God will lead this woman to direct us in the right way. I don’t know what’s best for us to do—if we need to just keep trying on our own for a while, or if we’ll need some “tweaking” in order to get pregnant, so it’s sort of out of my hands as far as what the next step will be. (Even though I’m aware that we can choose not to go through with everything she suggests.)

As far as I know, this will be an initial consult only–no labwork. They wanted M to have another SA done, but we’ve opted to not do that this time. They wanted us to abstain for 2-3 days prior to the appointment, and it’s just not a good time in the month for us to do that. He’ll probably have to make another appt for the end of the week or early next week for the SA. As for me, they gave me the option to go ahead and have a full exam, but we’ve opted to just talk at our first meeting, rather than jump in with two feet. I feel good about that decision. I’d like to meet with the doctor and make sure I like her before we really get into the nitty gritty.

On another note, I’ve found a link to the Infertility: Mastery or Mystery article that mysteriously disappeared from the website. Please let me know if this link doesn’t work for you.

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The link works like a charm – thanks for working that out!

I just said a specific prayer of peace for you tomorrow. Sounds like a consult is exactly what you need – and you can go from there if you need to. I’m proud of you for taking this step. And you’re right about not having to take her suggestions – you can go in for a diagnosis, but you don’t have to stay for treatments, that’s your decision.

Wishing you a wonderful, understanding, patient doctor and an uplifiting appointment tomorrow.

Comment by Heather

Good luck at your appointment. Sometimes we just have to take those steps to find out what’s going on.

Comment by nancy

I found Psalm 20 encouraging to read right before a doctor’s appointment. I pray that your doctor is helpful and willing to listen to you and consider your wishes.

Comment by andrea_jennine

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