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Come Monday
December 3, 2007, 11:49 am
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A few housekeeping issues first.
*I’ve discovered that Blogger doesn’t make it very easy for WordPress users (or probably any other blog user) to leave comments on a Blogger site. This is an issue other WordPress users have discovered as well. When I go to many of your Blogger websites to comment, it doesn’t give an option for me to enter my own wordpress URL. So, I will probably just type in my blog address at the end of my comments so people will know where I’m coming from. (FYI for you Blogger users, I think it has something to do with how you set up your blog—if you’ve set it up so no one can leave “anonymous” comments, it doesn’t allow anyone other than Blogger users to comment. It may have something to do with Blogger trying to rule the blogging world! I’m not poking fun–my other blog is at Blogger.)

*I’ve changed my publicly displayed name to Lauren rather than Lola. I was trying to be super private when I first set this up, but it’s just too hard to remember another name! So, when I comment, you’ll see Lauren rather than Lola or Lola 51. (Actually, it may sometimes still show up as Lola. I’ve really messed this up. Just know Lola and Lauren are one in the same!)

*Someone commented that the link to the Mystery or Mastery article doesn’t work anymore. I have no idea what happened. It’s like the article disappeared from the By Faith website. I’ve emailed them to see if there’s any way I can get access to the site. I’ll let you know if I find anything out.

Now on to other things. I went to New Orleans for a bachelorette party this weekend for a friend getting married in January. All I kept thinking all weekend was how glad I was that I wasn’t pregnant! Isn’t that strange? In the weeks leading up to this weekend, I knew that I’d either get my period the week before or I wouldn’t, so either way, I’d know if I was pregnant. I knew there would be some alcohol involved with this weekend, so I wanted to be absolutely sure before I allowed myself to have a few drinks. (By the way, I’ve almost entirely given up drinking in my quest to get pregnant. Not that I was much of a drinker before. I just enjoyed having an occasional glass of wine or beer. These days, I only allow that while I’m actually on my period, and even then, I pretty much avoid it.) Of course, I was hoping I was pregnant, in which case I would have gladly eschewed all alcohol and careless frivolity this weekend, and wouldn’t have cared about the strange looks from the other girls. But, this wasn’t our month. M and I admitted last week that we both thought this time had worked. We thought we timed things pretty well, and I just had this feeling that I was pregnant (even though I don’t even know what that would feel like). But alas.

So, the reason for my gladness over not being pregnant was because there was so much drinking involved, so much hanging out in dark smoky places, so little sleep, etc—definitely not the atmosphere you want to be in during the first couple of weeks of pregnancy. The thought crossed my mind that if I had been pregnant, I would have been really worried all weekend (and rightly so). Obviously I wouldn’t have had anything to drink, but I couldn’t have done anything about the smoke. You can still smoke anywhere in New Orleans, unlike some cities that have passed no smoking bans. I woke up both mornings with an ache deep in my chest from all the smoke the night before. (Come to think of it, things still feel a bit tight in my chest today.) I didn’t have much to drink, but the few drinks I did have caused me to have a headache Saturday morning. It was just a lifestyle I’m not used to, and I’m glad I’m not used to it. And I’m glad I didn’t submit a week-old fetus to that lifestyle!

**Two great things about the weekend though (other than my friend thoroughly enjoying her bachelorette weekend)—I had the finest meal I’ve ever eaten on Saturday night at C.ommander’s P.alace. Totally worth the $95 bill. Then that night we paid $5 to get into a random bar in the French quarter and hear a random band play their music, only to witness J.immy B.uffett strolling into the bar at about 2am and jumping on stage to play for an hour.

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I know that feeling when you’re *so sure* you’re pregnant… and it’s especially frustrating when you’ve done everything just right. I remember a few months ago when it finally sunk in that it doens’t matter if we “do everything right” – we can put forth our best effort, and it’s ultimately God’s creation…

So, sorry you got your period, but glad you got to enjoy the weekend! And SUPER FUN that Jimmy Buffet showed up in the French Quarter!

Comment by Heather

Hey Lauren,

An “ND” is a naturopath(gosh, can’t remember how to spell that at all!) doctor – they use more traditional eastern philosophies to approach health and wellness. An acupuncturist uses a method of Chinese medicine – they poke little needles into you (doesn’t usually hurt) to achieve overall balance in your health. Not sure how it all works…but it does. I would definitely advise you to check it out… It’s a different part of my brain that I use to decipher Eastern medicine – so approach it differently than you would Western medicine. These methods would only be affective to check out once you know your ‘diagnosis’ – it’s a different way to approach treatments in infertility rather than drugs.

Comment by Heather

Sounds like a fun weekend in New Orleans! I’m sorry for your disappointment, but I’m glad you could enjoy a worry-free trip.

Comment by andrea_jennine

Lauren – I think you can put your wordpress URL in your Blogger profile – under “my webgage”. That’s how I get to several other blogs who use WordPress…when I’m on Blogger.

Comment by Soapchick

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