Two Years and Counting

November 28, 2007, 8:00 pm
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Here’s a little about me. As my blog title says, we’re at two years and counting–two years being the answer we gave when people started asking when we’d have kids. We started hearing this question very soon after we got married! We decided we’d just have a stock answer ready, and two years sounded good to us. It was far enough away not to scare us, but close enough to satisfy people who wondered. Plus, we figured after having two years of getting to know each other, traveling, and doing fun things, we’d be ready to add to our family. Admittedly, we quietly started trying earlier than we originally planned, saying we wanted a head start “just in case” it took us longer to get pregnant than we thought. Well, we’re now past the two-year point, and that “just in case” is our reality. We’ve officially been TTC (to use really annoying internet abbreviations) since January of this year, so we’re just shy of the dreaded one-year mark, when people (doctors) start putting labels on you (actually, my regular ob-gyn has already coded me as an “infertility” case on my chart at her office.)

We’ve both had preliminary tests done and everything has come back normal. My doctor recently gave us some recommendations of fertility specialists, and we’re now at the point where we’re deciding who we want to go see. We’re not sure if we’re ready to jump into the infertility game all the way, or if we just want to go talk to someone and see what our options are. I still feel confident that we will in fact get pregnant and have a baby sometime relatively soon, but each month that goes by in which we time things as well as we can, yet my period comes anyway, makes me wonder if there is an obstacle in the way that we need a doctor to help us remove in order to accomplish our goal of a healthy pregnancy and healthy child.

My husband and I are both Christians and fully believe that God is in control of everything, including our future and whatever children we do or do not have. This knowledge and belief is immensely comforting and helpful most of the time, but doubt and worry do creep in my mind at times, and I’m hoping having a place to flesh out my feelings on paper…er, screen…will help me gain a firmer grip on things. My prayer notebook helps me guide my quiet times in the morning or evening (on the days that I actually make time for it), but during the day when thoughts pop into my head, I’ll try to make sense of them here.


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